We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

I’ve been searching for info or just basic monitoring and automation with the security subscription. The Wyze sense v1 was great but failed quickly and has been out of stock.

I’d like to trigger lights and cameras when motion is detected. Trigger lights when a door is opened then off when closed.

Check out the IFTTT apps, I thought I saw some that did that.

I saw those but the current wyze sense v1 is failing and I’d like to upgrade is the issue.

None of the new HMS sensors are available in IFTTT.

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In the app, you can make a shortcut to mute all notifications, but it would be nice to make it dependent on system mode.

These are the reasons I unfortunately ended up returning my HMS system due to my family’s concerns with this service:

  1. Multiple contact numbers. This is critical as no one person is always available.

  2. Multiple users. Others must have remote access.

  3. Cellular backup option. Our Xfinity internet goes out for a few hours every week. Security needs a failsafe.

  4. More control over sound and notification settings. This was more of a nice-to-have, but the exit delay sound would wake my kid up every night.

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This was a bit confusing to me, but the secret is for Home set your exit delay to 0, then it doesn’t beep. Just don’t set it for home when you’re about to leave.

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That’s how mine is set and this has been suggested numerous times as a solution. For some reason people still want Wyze to have it do something else. For example, people still want built in cellular capability even though the same thing can be accomplished today with a hotspot. People don’t get that adding the additional technology takes the simplicity and affordability out of the picture when you start trying to add additional hardware and software to the design. I don’t have any issues with the current design other than maybe additional contacts and different types of sensors. At the end of the day, it’s up to Wyze what they choose.

If I’d known you weren’t going to be a sharable service from the get -go, I never would have ordered. The fact that my wife can’t access the service or use the panic button from her phone is the first thing that needs to be fixed.

Second, HomeKit integration. I know you want your own little walled garden, but integration with the rest of the smart device world is unavoidable, and last to market is first to fail.

Third, multiple configurations. I have four Cam V3s, two Outdoor Cams, one Cam Pan, and two Cam V2s. Even if you hang on to the ridiculous five camera limit, I should be able to set up different camrra arrangements that can be toggled in and out for home and away modes. Even action-based camera switching within a mode so that if someone is passing from the front side yard camera to the back side yard camera, the cameras can hand off.

Yeah it’s not a secret to set exit delay to 0. That’s what needed to happen based on the poor selection of options that are standard for every other provider. That research should’ve been done by the product team before launch. This is a very poor workaround, not a solution, as they’ve asked for in this thread.

It’s definitely not too much to ask for the option for cellular backup. Every “peer” in the industry at least offers it as a choice. If they really want to step up their game and become reliable and functional with real world shortcomings like ISP outages bricking their product, they should at least consider it when they ask for new features. There’s a TON of areas for improvement in this product. Also, have reported the bug with support multiple times, but the alarm went off while in Disarm mode. Support has no answer for how that happened. Critical issue with the system.

Yeah, it makes sense to offer a secondary device that is capable of cellular backup for those who are desperate for it, but I hope they don’t require everyone else who doesn’t want it to pay for all that hardware they don’t want and will never use. It should be either a Version 2 upgraded model where that is the only difference, or else an add-on attachment people can purchase separately.

From Wyze’s research, they apparently found that Cellular backup is costly but scarcely used, so they decided not to include it since the majority of people don’t use it. But it is something that is really, really important to those minority who do want and use it so they said they’re looking into solutions for that. I just don’t want to pay for it, so while I hope they make something for those who want it, I hope it’s totally separate.

That is weird if the alarm went off while in disarm mode. I have definitely never had that happen. I hope you submitted logs and a ticket so someone can figure it out.

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Add Home Monitoring hooks into the Wyze App “Rules” section so you could:

-arm and disarm on a schedule

-turn on lights when alarm is tripped

-disarm alarm when wyze door lock is unlocked

-activate a remote siren on trigger

Ideally ifttt integration, but starting with Wyze own existing “Rules” ecosystem seems like an easy place to start.

-multiple user pins (so I can control which pins I give out and erase, and which ones I keep)
-silence alerts for Disarmed or At Home (so if I’m working in the garage or office I’m not getting constant reminders-I know I’m there, but I want clips saved so people can see what dumb thing I did before I started yelling for help)

  • turn down the ping for arming/disarming wait period (or allow other audio clips to be loaded) as the noise (at least Arming) can be disturbing to neighbors yet is important to have.
  • multiple emergency contacts (I’m not the only authoritative person: either my spouse for our home or me for my mother’s home).
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+1. and the workaround does not always work,

This is a good point… if the Wyze Robot Vacuum is moving can the motion sensor know it is not something that should alert? or other 3rd party robots etc… but this is where the perimeter vs whole home active would come into play (home vs away).

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I don’t think the vacuum sets off the motion sensor unless it is really close to it. Similar to how it tries to ignore pets and only trigger on humans. PIR is triggered by heat energy changes, not technically movement. Granted, a motor using electricity would generate heat, so it’s possible it could trigger the PIR sensors, but I would guess that the robot vacuum generates even less heat than a cat, and my cats don’t trigger my motion sensors even when they’re set on HIGH. So my guess is that the vacuum (which is also shielded in metal) won’t trigger them either, but it should be easy for someone to test.

Regardless, on a related note, it would be a good suggestion to give to the AI team, and suggest they have the camera AI be able to figure out when movement is the vacuum or some other Wyze device, rather than some kind of other motion that could be concerning.

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You can always install the motion sensor the way they recommend for people who are afraid their large pets may tigger it:

"Standard mounting may result in false positives if you have large pet. Instead, mount your motion sensor on a wall or corner ~3 feet high (or just above your pet’s height). Make sure the Wyze logo is pointing to the RIGHT:


I set up at my business, where I run a mix of 6 v2 and v3 cams. I would like a simple rule that says when my alarm is set to “disarm”, then push notifications and motion detection is turned off…very simple.

This is basically asking that Home Monitoring be integrated with Rules…

For a set up like mine, it makes the most sense that I need event recording and motion detections when the business is NOT open and the alarm is armed, rather than what I currently have to do, with is set up a scheduled rule for each camera.

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You can set up a button to deactivate and activate all of the notifications. It’s not ideal because it’s not automatic, but it’s at least just one more click if you’re using your app to arm and disarm the alarm.