We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

Yep, you’re right, the shortcut buttons (couldn’t think of the terminology). I absolutely agree that it needs a way to tie those things together especially, I just wanted to make sure you at least had a workaround in the meantime.

Suggestion, build devices robust enough that they will not start throwing false positives and triggering alarms while AWAY, thus forcing their removal from the HMS and leaving a vulnerability.

Wyze Home monitoring support for multiple homes.

I have a primary residence and a vacation property. I currently manage cameras and gen 1 sense motion & doors sensors at the vacation property via device groups. I also monitor monitor shared cameras at my mother’s home [her Wyze account] via another device group.

Following the prompts in the app I created a home [for my primary residence], but was surprised when the app didn’t allow me to created a second ‘home’ for the vacation place.

I’m not ready to set up Wyze Home Monitoring at my main home, but am raring to go at the vacation place.

Does/will/can Wyze Home Monitoring support two hubs located at two physically distanced properties, each with a separate paid monitoring agreement, but tied to a single user / email address, controlled from a single app?


Did anyone actually test with rechargeable batteries?
Regular NiCad, NiMH have a voltage of 1.2V which may trigger low battery issue.
I definitely plan on using rechargeables once I get the sensors. But I would like to know if standard rechargeable batteries will work or do we have to go with 1.5V Lithium batteries?

I wish I had noticed this thread earlier. I am satisfied with HMS and canceled my traditional security system, but I can’t recommend it to friends until some of the improvements listed below are implemented. Below are in order of preference.

  1. Ability to have a silent exit delay. I currently have Home mode set to 0 sec exit delay which I use when I don’t want to hear the beeping countdown. Then I use Away mode for occasions when I need the delay. This is more important to me than setting up the modes with different response or sensors. This is by far the most infuriating part of HMS experience!
  2. Geo-fencing rules as laid out by @carverofchoice
  3. Chime when Wyze Sensor changes position (when doors/windows open/close). This is imperative for those of us with toddlers who like to go outside without their parents!
  4. Inclusion of Video Doorbell as a HMS camera
  5. Rules and notifications using changes in Home/Away/Disarm modes as a trigger
  6. Add Smoke/fire, carbon monoxide, and glass break sensors
  7. Optional Separate Add-On for Cellular backup on 4G that is only used as failsafe in the event of no hardwire/wifi connection (3G networks are already being discontinued in areas)
  8. Multiple Emergency Contact Numbers
  9. Optional Separate Add-On for loud siren
  10. Dashboard view in Google Home and/or Roku app so that you can view multiple cameras at once similar to security monitoring tab in Wyze app
  11. Add Guardian (neighbor with key) and emergency contact number. This Guardian could let the police in to allow a walk through if you are away.
  12. Optional Separate Add-On for Yard Sign
  13. Optional Separate Add-On for Medical Alert Button (Life Alert like).
  14. Battery life management - indicator that battery backup should be replaced based on user defined time threshold (could be set for 30 min or 4 hr vs the 10 hr starting point).
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You’re just in time! They said end of June, and you found it and posted before then, so you’re totally good. :slight_smile: Also, you included a great concise list. Some of what you’ve asked for, Wyze has since stated in other places that they are indeed working on including and supporting, so that is exciting.

You can read some of their announcements about upcoming HMS plans from this summary of their HMS AMA:

Glad to hear it! :sweat_smile: I will definitely check out the AMA. Thanks for linking.

I have one more request to add. Instead of just a Safe Word, you could either substitute or additionally require a 2FA to disregard the alarm. I would discourage use of any TOTP for this particular situation, but a Yubikey would ideal because it’s physical and fast.

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2 things, really related to the cameras in general but since cameras are part of the home ecosystem this still applies… 1) REDESIGN the ability to play back recorded segments, it is completely cumbersome, non-intuitive, and just doesn’t work half the time… is very frustrating to use. 2) Integration with ALEXA SHOW devices is horrid. Never works for me. Wish it would.

I dunno, my Wyze cams when they tell me they’ve seen something jump straight to the clip they saw. By contrast, my Nest doorbell shows me a live view like 'See?! HERE’S WHERE THEY WERE, NOW TRY TO FIND IT, HAHAH" and trying to find the exact frame they appeared in is nearly impossible.
Which is better than Arlo where it’s like “Who broke the fence? Let me check the Arlo cameras” “Oh, dude, we haven’t worked in 3 months, we just didn’t say anything. Didn’t you notice?”

@Richter12x2 I hear you and sounds like you’ve tried them all like I have lol. The notifications work great, and about 95% of the time when it says there’s activity it plays back the segment just fine, so no worries on that. I was speaking about going back and looking for any prior recordings using that clunky, cumbersome “timeline” slider. It just plain doesn’t work using any smartphone’s interface. And why present a full 24-hour time line you have to scroll through when 99% of it doesn’t even have a recording to view? I love the Wyze product lines and the interfaces are mostly very intuitive and usable but that scrolling timeline of past recordings has GOT to go. I think they sub-contracted that particular feature out to another country to code…

If you want to find a old event clip on the overall timeline, just call up the older clip and press the “Playback” SD card icon at the bottom of the screen when your device is in portrait mode. You’ll instantly jump to that event on the SD card, IF it still exists (old event clips go back 14 days, but if you have your camera set to record to the SD card in HD mode, and you have a 32 GB SD card, then the card may only go back 3 days).

As far as your overall user experience with the timeline, if you are on an Android device, have you enabled Hardware Decoding under Account tab > App Settings?

Also, in case you are scrolling and scrolling to get to the prior day, you can skip 1 or more days on the timeline by hitting the calendar date below the timeline.

Hope something there helps! :slight_smile:

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And the winners are … … … … …

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Interesting, I originally interpreted the post to mean that we had until the end of June to post a comment, then sometime in July they would randomly pick 5 of those comments. Reading the actual wording again, I guess technically the sentence structure says they would pick winners no later than the end of June, so they should’ve all been picked yesterday at the latest based on that wording.

Still, some Wyze contests and random picks have taken as long as weeks to finally choose the winners, so I don’t expect them to announce this for a week or two at least, though I won’t complain if it is sooner. :slight_smile:

Yes, but technically they said they would PICK the winners. They didn’t say they would TELL US by the end of June. :grin:

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Haha, great point! They also didn’t say they would announce the winners. Maybe they’re just privately messaging people first to make sure they still have the equipment and meet any other qualifications.

Still, they are usually fairly transparent, so I expect they’ll announce it sometime this month.

I’d personally love an announcement where they tell us which ideas are in development, which are researching, which are maybe later and which are “probably not” as that would be cool to hear from the HMS team based on everything they read here.


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We should never be able to arm the system when a sensor is open.
If you want to arm the system with open sensors then that should only be possible with entering e.g. the pin.
Sensors should have an override attribute: e.g. overridable / not overridable
E.g. windows should be overridable, doors left open should not.

If you arm the system, leave the house and left the door open; it defeats the whole purpose…


I would like to add one more thing:
The app already displays a warning when you try to arm the system with open sensores:
It displays “The following device has an issue that must be resolved to work properly:
Then it lists the devices that have a fault.
What is missing is a warning when you arm the system on the keypad.
It should be easy to run a warning on the keypad speaker because the logic already exists in the system.
When you arm the system via the keypad you have no idea if a sensor is open…

When I arm mine with a door open it does say “sensor is open”… it’s a verbal warning from the keypad

@Beeby Yes, although there is a verbal cue that states sensor is open, it doesn’t state which one… In once way, I think the assumption is that you are aware of what sensor you left opened and plan to leave it open when you are leaving the house or even arming when staying in the house… so in a way, maybe Wyze is assuming that you have pre-planned for that sensor t be in the “open” state when arming and all they are doing is verbally reminding you…

However, I also think that @marcello has a good point in that the system shouldn’t necessarily allow you to arm (home or away) unless all sensors are closed,… OR perhaps the user should have to do something on the keypad to confirm that you are aware that a sensor is left open and you are trying to arm the system…