Watch heart rate bottoms out at 50bpm

Why does the heart rate monitor bottom out at 50. My resting heart rate is in the low 50s, and I’ve measure it in the 40s with other devises. I have not been able to get a reading below 50 even when sleeping with this watch.

Cynical me thinks Wyze didn’t plan for this. They let the vast number of paying customers act as their real beta testers. Just like limiting it to one watch of each size per account.

I’ve seen that too, My heart rate bottoms out at 50 every night, never once had it registered in the 40s. Hopefully this can be fixed with an update later on?

Just got word from CS that they are aware that the heart rate will not read below 50 bpm on the 47mm and will require a firmware update but no timeline for this is planned. I posted this exact question a few days ago. In contrast the 44 mm version will read below 50.

The latest FW released, as @OverWatch indicated, does allow for lower limits. Mine has gone below 50 now. the FW Version I am running is the 0.12.43