Wyze Watch 47c Heart BPS on Time Screen

Dear Wyze Forum,
On the Wyze Watch 47c, is there a face setting where I can see my Heart BPM along with the time?
On strenuous bike rides, I would like to glance down to see the BPM without scrolling to another screen.
Thank you,

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Bummer! but thank you for confirming!

We had nothing but trouble with that new model,it would loose the clock faces,and the data such as sleep,steps,etc …we would half 2 re boot our phone and then all is good for about 25 minutes then fail,so we sent all the 47C back and we went back to our 47 which works flawless

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Bummer again!
That is so frustrating, especially when one gets high hopes.
I am looking for an Activity Tracker that is low cost [under $40] and the standard face is configurable to show BPM on the default time face, like Garmin. I know it will not be accurate at the price range, but +/- 5 BPM will be fine.
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, figured this is the time to Carpe Diem.

PSA as I saw on another thread.

Sorry don’t recall original poster but all credit to that person.

For those looking for a handful of new watch faces available for the Wyzewatch 47c but not on the 47…

If you remove the Wyzewatch 47 from your devices on the wyze app and install as a wyze watch 47c you will have access.

Not a lot to choose from but better than the horrendous one included on the original version.

Unfortunately Wyze seems to have EOL this devices. No updates, or enhancements on the most basic functionalities.

Great concept, poor execution on the software side.

Happy thanksgiving!

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