Voting Begins Now! #CapturedOnWyzeCam

Edit: Thanks for voting! By popular demand, the winner for April is “2. What goes up, must come down”. Since all the videos seem, equally popular, we’ll be giving all 3 shortlisted videos a prize!

We’ll be contacting the winners soon. Thanks for participating, and do look forward to May’s edition of #CapturedOnWyzeCam!

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Thank you for all the submissions! There were a ton of great submissions so it’s hard to choose from all the videos!

We’ve shortlisted 3 that we thought were interesting and now we’re putting their fate into your hands — to vote!

  1. Too early for Thanksgiving (

  2. What goes up, must come down (

  3. Bradford’s Chicks (

Voting ends May 7th. Voting closed!

Coons in the hood (1.48 MB)

Baxter is guarding the house at night lol

Do I get to vote? Amazing videos, but wow had to go for #2! That fall deserves the medal for the pain that must have been. That was crazy.

Bradford’s Chicks!

Man, those were some hard choices.

  1. What goes up, must come down

Great videos guys! #2, ARE YOU OKAY!?