Visceral Fat calc

Curious how Wyze calculates the Visceral Fat? Is it just applying an equation to overall body fat or is there something else going on to get to VF?

I’m not speaking for Wyze specifically, but I can tell you how it is done in general for almost all smart scales:

Smart scales calculate the Visceral Fat based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), This includes taking into account the height, weight, age, gender, etc in addition to the electrical impedance amount/speed. Based on the above values, it gives a rating. You should always measure at the same time of day and with an empty bladder (a full bladder with more water will affect the results of how quickly the electricity goes through you).

There are various equations which could be used, and I doubt Wyze would disclose what their exact calculation is.

Regardless, BIA measurements may not be exactly accurate. They are more helpful when taken into account in the aggregate over many measurements over time. The up and down over time can be a lot more helpful idea of how you’re doing (when measurements are done consistently in the same time/way), than relying on the precision and exactitude of the numbers. This is so for ALL smart scales using BIA. What matters best is what the measurements show in comparison to each other over time, rather than a single measurement by itself.

So the short answer to your question is, YES, the scale is applying an equation to determine your estimated Visceral Fat based on your Age, Gender, Height, Weight and BIA result.

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