View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

IMO it will never happen. It will cost money with no return on investment - and with the recent influx of investor capitol those investors want a return on their money which only comes from product sales.

You can make the argument that a web/PC interface will promote additional sales but that’s a tough case to make to the people paying the bills - even more so when you consider the maintenance for that interface which now becomes recurring cost versus a ‘one time’ expenditure. (And, yes, there will be ongoing maintenance if for no reason other than every time Apple updates iOS they break applications that work on older versions.)

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I am sure I am not the one migrating to other platforms. They have a good thing going, but this limitation has me phasing them out. So many naysayers, but you guys voicing against this are just making excuses for them. They made a watch, headphones and a scale that has noting to do with security or home automation. As far as I am concerned both the software and the product took a 1000 times more effort to create than a full time monitoring plug in for the desktop. Stop making excuses for their laziness… SMH

Been wasting a $1000 a year on this company since 2017. This year I started replacing their gear with alternatives. Their plugs were terrible. Enbrighten is so much easier to use. The 8 cam DVR box for $178 I got was a pain to install all the cams. However their software was much easier, and still pings the phone. I stopped selling their products to my clients. Mainly because I can’t satisfy their request for full time viewing.

Trust me they are losing a lot of customers by this lack of functionality.

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I now view my Wyze Cams on Windows 10 with MEmu Play.
Free download.

If money were the issue, they could always off it as a one time purchase or a subscription option, like Cam Plus.

and if they do I am effin done.

I think that it would behove Wyze to worry more about retaining existing customers. It is from this flower bed that new sprouts are grown… We, as a whole, bought into the premise that the products we purchased would deliver certain absolutes, on a larger than acceptable note, they have failed to live up to their own hype. I am a dedicated Wyze customer who is experiencing waning faith in their promises…

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What ever it is worth, You can view all the cameras on an Amazon Show 5 or Show 8, It really is convenient while you are sitting in your easy chair watching TV to say, “Alexis show me the Driveway Cam”, Works Great!

It takes too long for the camera to show then you can view them for 10 minutes. People are looking for an all day solution.
Alexa used to display for hours, for me, but it’s limited to 10 minutes now.

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You become so philosophical in 2021. :blush:

Thank you Angus, I’m always trying to improve

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I view my whole phone on my pc with the Microsoft phone compsnion app. I see access and even work on my phone from my pc like ut was a second pc through this app.

All of these workarounds are only useful to a small number of users where a browser page can be used by nearly everyone.
The phone campanion app only works with newer phones.
It and emulators usually can’t be installed on an employers computer.

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There is some imaginary hope that when they fully roll out WebRTC it will address both the 10 minute limit (as per WyzeFrederik) and just maybe local browsing.

It streams the device to the pc its not emulation. As to if your employer blocks it I fo not know butvI assume any employer that’s blocking access is restricting what urls you can visit any way.

Yes, and disabled by a lot of employers.

Ah, I see you changed the post I responded too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to know why it worked for > 3 hours at a time for me for a while.

That could be either a glitch in the Amazon matrix OR a temporary installation of WebRTC on your camera. They said it’s already been deployed in small batches.

I thought of that but there was no firmwsre update between working and not.

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I tried different emulators but could not get them to work

I’m not putting down your suggestion just letting you know that it only helps a small percentage of Wyze users.
Microsoft phone companion Link to Windows only supports Ssmsung phones that are fairly new. No other brands of Android phones and iOS devices.
I didn’t say it was an emulator. Emulation is the other suggestion that gets posted st least once s month.