View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

A thousand ways to mask the initial issue of being able to view it on a PC browser Will do nothing but de-motivate them from actually producing what we are asking for.

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Its hard to demotivate them when they have absolutely no motivation in the first place.
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What do you have working against you:

The phone app is established
The AWS infrastructure is established
They do not advertise PC browser as part of their feature set
The phone app serves as an advertising platform
The bean counters probably do not See the PC browser as additional revenue, Despite the assertion of some people on here that think that they are the “majority customer”
They are busy championing new products

This isn’t to say they are not going to do it to appease the few squeaky wheels at some point, I’m sure they get tired of all the whining too, but I’m sure it’s not on the forefront.


The bean counters probably do not See the PC browser as additional revenue, Despite the assertion of some people on here that think that they are the “majority customer”

I think I’ve said something similar above, having been part of a product development department in the past, this is probably the reason. They look at the list of things to do and say “what will make me money?”

From what I am seeing many of us are tired of waiting and are finding replacements. Its both directly and indirectly affecting Wyze sales.


  1. The plug has been unreliable. Because of failed promise to deliver they lost my loyalty. Instead of buying new plugs I found another company that’s cheaper and more reliable. Enbrighten.
  2. I bought a new dvr system for less than the cost of the Wyze cams and it has both a PC browser app and a phone app. I held upon a DVR system since 2017 but for $105 better quality image and the ability to view my cams live full time on the wall like a security monitor should.

I know you been a toxic one here totally against PC support and calling these cams toys, Yet, Wyze is trying to sell a home monitoring system and they dont have fulltime monitoring of their cams after 3 years. What good is a home security system without fulltime cam monitoring.

I gave up. As time goes on I will replace their products to different solutions as they break. This is due to the lack of PC support, and I know for a fact I am not the only one. I made this decision about 2 months ago when I found out not one product was their own creation. I spend about $1000 a year on wyze cams because they only last a year. I liked quick and easy, but not if its useless. So yea a squeaky wheel maybe, but there are thousands of us in the same boat. SMH.

How many cameras do you have, man??

If me being realistic about what they are doing and about customers with expectations that don’t fall in line with what the product promises to deliver is toxic, then color me toxic.

But look… A lot of people here are putting words in their mouth and saying they have promised something that they haven’t. A lot of people here have some excessive sense of entitlement and through some sort of manipulative threatening to go to other products think that they are going to get the company to sit up and take notice. You can forget that. They will do it when it makes financial sense to them. A few people jumping ship isn’t going to do it.

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When I asked on their FB site, each time the answer is coming soon. I take that as a promise to deliver. Soon is a vague definition for sure, but I think most can agree 3 years is not soon.

Lot more than just a few are moving on. Look at the comment string. Some of us like myself own or manage multiple properties which is a bigger hit than just one customer.

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Amen brother… Amen

Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be a great feature. I just wouldn’t hold my breath. Believe it when you see it

So I guess the work-arounds really aren’t having a negative impact at all.

Yeah that’s true, so many things that we suggested are on the back burner but the last time I looked it doesn’t have any power

I’m not going to complain. I got what I paid for. It would be nice. I don’t expect it.

I feel the same way.
I wasn’t mislead in any way. Improvemts would be nice but it appears Wyze is focused on selling new hardware not appeasing a few existing customers.

My workplace is banning cellphone use. I need a BROWSER based so I can check on my pets. PLEASE speed this up!

Check out TinyCam Pro’s web server feature for the time being.

I have even stopped commenting or submitting requests, I’ll just wait and see, in the meantime use my old iPad 12 Pro as a monitor.

I just signed up for WYZE cam plus which is a cloud that I cant access from Windows 10? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all… Come on WYZE, I would even bet your engineers are wanting to implement this.

This was posted (as an update) on 4/6/20, It is the most voted item on the wishlist. Can we get an update on the status of this.

I think the only chance in anything being done towards this would be to contact the CEO.

For those who feel ambitious and are better at writing than me here is contact info for the CEO.

Maybe if his attention gets brought to the matter it might change things… Maybe but doubtful.

Yun Zhang