View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

The MEmu Android emulator works best for me.
Bluestacks was slow and Nox wouldn’t run at all.

The biggest issue I have with the RTSP is the same as the issue with an emulator for Android on the PC. A lot of us are not allowed to install programs on our work computer. By having brwser access, there is nothing installed out side of maybe active x or some scriplet for what ever type of viewer or strem they come up with. I am not a fan of how Flir does theirs but since the cams go to a cloud server, they allow access to your accoun’s storage. Just a thought.

Hey that avatar is to close to mine hah. RTSP also has security concerns.

This may be uneducated, I’m sorry in advance if so.
If the stream was made available to see via web browser, does that jeopardize security? Like those sites where you can see tons of people’s cams, and they don’t even know it?

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I have my cameras set up with TinyCam Pro server. You still have to use a login / password to view them.
Technically it’s less secure bacause the server is available for someone to try to hack but that’s a stretch.
The cameras that are available to everyone are not protected in any way.

Wyze is working heavily on 2 factor signin

That should help handle security for the wardrivers.

I use bluestacks also with wyze and it works great. With the new streaming multiple feeds its even better. I just need a second screen now so I can always see it

I agree. If I could record hours long video direct to the PC that would make these $25 cameras PERFECT!!!

I have a need to record about 20 cameras but need to store 8 to 10 hours per day and that is just TOO difficult with local recording.

PLEASE add a PC recording ability.

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I downloaded iSpy but Wyze is not listed. How did you connect to the Wyze?

TinyCam Pro runs on Android. You can view the TinyCam server on any web browser.
I run TinyCam on an nVidia Shield but you could use an old phone or tablet.
You can set up TinyCam to record to a cloud drive and/or to a local network drive.

I know, I have found tons of android apps that talk to Wyze.

I need to be able to record about 25 of them simultaneously 24/5 and hold the recordings for months.

That means a pc based system. Unless there is an Android app that will forward on those 25 feeds to some PC recording software.

But I’ll try that option to save to a cloud drive.


Really? Other than Wyze and TinyCam I hadn’t heard of anuything that will work.
The only thing that is going to record to a hard drive for you right now is TinyCam. For 25 cameras you are going to need something like the nVidia Shield. I don’t think a phone or tablet will have the processing power.
You can use a NAS with FTP access with WyzeCam.
If you want to record continuously and keep it for months you will need a lot of hard drive space. 25 cams * 24 hours a day * 5 days * x months = A LOT OF SPACE. :smile:
A quick estimate is 2TB a week / 8TB a month.

Yep, it is for a teaching clinic. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the system they have now that needs replacing.

The HD space is not too bad because I can sweep it to external HDs once a week but you are right, tons of space.

I misspoke whe I said tons :slight_smile: a few but most had no ability to do anything other than view the camera.

I was thinking I could use an Android emulator but it does not seem like the record function records some place I have access to outside of the emulator.

Still looking at that :slight_smile:

It would be really helpful if I were able to view my camera from my PC while at work. My phone does not have a good cellular connection, but my PC has a fast ethernet connection.
Can we get a windows application?

Is a web portal in the works? I would love to run Wyze app just inside my html browser.

If not is there a 3rd party why of getting a cams feed?

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This is a priority for me. Would have no problem to pay for an app for Windows 10. It would be great to be able to unpack storage from the MicroSD Card that is plugged into a computer as well as having fast forward preview.

Add ability to use Wyze app on a chromebook (ChromeOS).

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Can you expand on this? Not sure what you mean.
We can read the microSD cards in a computer now.

I understand that an app like VLC can be used on a PC to view the recorded video from the MicroSD Card. While I have not actually done this it appears to be a bit ‘user unfriendly’ in comparison to what the WYZE App does via the record and timeline control.
The file names generated by the WYZE App are not very informative as to the time of recording, date, etc. If I am incorrect in this matter pls let me know.

My idea of a PC Appis that it would have an interface showing the basic info on the timeline, where triggers were imbedded in the video stream, an ability to fast forward through the stream, joint data that was recorded in event trigger mode, use a start
and stop time to select video data to be saved as single consolidated file and provide the user with the option to rename the saved file with their preferred file name.

I would be more inclined to have an app that does all that without removing the card from the camera.
A browser based app that would work on any platform.