View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

I just bought 9 cameras and I couldn’t even fathom that there wasn’t already a way to view them on a PC. I was glad to find this and see that it’s at least being added, until I saw that update was 14 months old. So this is your most requested feature and it’s taking more than 14 months? Do you have 0.25 developers? Ah, I bet they’re all using their phones to develop the software and that’s why it’s taking so long :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. Probably. I just don’t understand it. Have the developers seen a large screen monitor and how much nicer it is than a tiny screen or how easier it is to use a keyboard instead of 2 thumbs? I get the convenience of having a cell phone app, but a phone shouldn’t be the primary platform (let alone the only one.)

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It was coming soon back in 2017. It probably wont become a reality for another few years. You can bet if it does it will be a charged feature.

This company has disappointed me in so many ways. Its all Nickle and dime. Standard features have become a paid option later.

A lot of new competitors have come to the market since 2017. At least now there are better options. I suggest you do some digging on amazon. Most of todays cams come with object detection software built in as well as remote viewing via an app included in the price with no subscription models what so ever.

I truly regret being a early backer. Had I known they were going to go this direction I would have never have invested in this company as heavily as I did.

People at my place of business write more code in 3 months with one developer than it would ever take for them to write code for this.

And yet where is our Wyze rep to agree or disagree here? Anyone?

Goodbye to Wyze being personable. They got you didn’t they? The corporate greed.


Not sure what you saw that was 14 months old.
The thread is 2.5 years old. Wyze (@WyzeGwendolyn) said it was in development 24 days ago.

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The sad excuse for “Landscape on an Android device or iPad / Iphone is 959 days old according to my fuzzy math… , that would be 2.62 years old

I sense a pattern here……over promise, under deliver.

Which is not the proper way to do things…. you delight your customers by under promising, and delivering ahead of schedule.

Does Wyze have any sort of schedule?…

2.62 years for a fully compliant IOS and Android app that is remotely aware of what Landscape mode is?… and this issue of “View on PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook) being just as old an issue ? (I didn’t realize how close the time frame was on this issue as the Landscape on Tablet issue was)

I want BOTH issues resolved, right along with the DoorBell Issue where it displays sideways on my Alexa Echo Show 10 Gen 3…

I’m not sure which issue annoys me more of those three issues.

Perhaps “Crickets” from Wyze on any of these issues, while at the same time, seeing a post from @WyzeHongfei about a Wyze Toothbrush!

@WyzeGwendolyn , you posted the two threads about issues that annoy a lot of us, and it’s over 2.5 years for each of those items…

What say you?..…


Posted: 06-15-2021

959 Days and Counting waiting for a fully compliant Wyze for iPad App
959 Days and Counting waiting for a fully compliant Wyze for Android Tablet App

VOTE to fix Wyze app landscape issue:

@WyzeGwendolyn posted within the last month in this thread. All she can do is relay the BS she is given.

Pretty much since day 1 of Wyze forums. :slight_smile:

I vote with my wallet.


I know I’m a little late here, but if you have an Amazon account and use Alexa you can download the Windows 10 Alexa app. If you sign into your Alexa/Amazon account you can view single cams one at time live view.

Well maybe. Like several other people have reported, Alexa on my Win10 can no longer connect to my cameras. No idea why.

I didn’t realize and didn’t see the other posts…

Using the Alexa app, or any app for that matter, on a computer is not the ask here. The ask is to be able to view the camera feed in a browser. If you can do that, then you can add multiple cameras to a home automation application, or create your own browser app to show multiple cameras.

Home security cameras should be able to be viewed together on a screen, period.

The request. Please. Huge pet peeve.

(Also, I should have written, “as several other people”. )

I know what the ask is, my comment was in reply to someone else. I was not just making a random statement. I’ve been using Bluestacks and TinyCam for years and looking forward to what a future implementation would look like. Like other in the community will tell you, Wyze is not meant to be a home security but I agree that they should be able to be viewed via web somehow.

Web Viewing will be part of Cam Plus

Just thought I’d let everyone following and interested in this know that Dave Crosby said today that Web support will be part of Cam Plus.

I have 6 cam plus subscriptions, but I don’t have cam plus on every one of my dozen+ cams, so I guess this will mean viewing only the cams you have a subscription for, and not being able to use everything that’s accessible the app. Oh well.


Was just about to mention this :+1: , tbh its not surprising but a little disappointing its not going to be available for everyone, but I’m a camplus subscriber so I’ll definitely check this out!

Yeah, me too, I was just hoping to be able to view and control ALL my Wyze devices, not just a few cameras. Like, let me turn off lights, or see if motion was triggered on a sensor, or start my Robovac or whatever. Wish I could at least view my 12 second camera events from all cameras too…but limiting it to just camplus cameras is still better than nothing.


What?? You are being too accommodating. I thought RTSP might be a decent CamPlus candidate (not a popular opinion), along with SMS notifications as that costs money, but charging for a web viewer that should be a no-brainer stock feature? Ridiculous.


Another long awaited improvement hidden behind the pay wall.
Good work Wyze. Crap on the people that got you here.


My comment was more general (which is why it was in the main thread and not a reply) after seeing a number of posts by people on here about using apps and emulators on a PC. I thought that because this thread is long, a lot of people will not read all posts, so it’s good to emphasize the request occasionally.

As for security cameras, I know they aren’t the traditional security cameras but Wyze do tout them as such. I saw a Wyze add just this week saying “Looking for security cameras?” :rofl:

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This thread is 2,230 posts and three years long. I’ve read every post in it. At no time did it even cross my MIND that Wyze would charge for this overdue elementary feature if and when they ever actually delivered it. Guy’s got cojones.