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Is there any particular reason why Wyze uses what appears to be an obfuscated logging method? I’m a software engineer by trade and cannot for the life of me understand why I can’t troubleshoot my own logs while I wait for Wyze support to send me copy pasta T-shooting steps… If this has been answered officially, I’d love a link - I only come across mentions of proprietary API generation or other hearsay. Thanks!

Log files are encrypted for security reasons.

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Sorry for the delay - didn’t see that I got this. If they are located on a physical device, installed inside my home with video that is unencrypted, what exactly is the reasoning behind encrypting the area in which I could see errors and such? If this was a proprietary issue, they could surely create a log purely for logging errors but I have a hard time thinking they are find with video existing in it’s plain form but encrypting a text file. Maybe I’m wrong but I more believe this is to stop folks from self troubleshooting and/or keeping their devices alive for longer (see the recent Cam v1 sunset).

It’s not a proprietary issue, it’s a security issue. Your video files do not provide the means for unauthorized access. I’m not a Wyze employee so I can only assume the log files do, which is why they are encrypted. I believe Tao Yuan explained it several years ago… I can’t recall the specifics. If you’d like a more detailed reason behind the encryption, please shoot a message to WyzeTao.

Security? Really? There should be nothing in a log file that endangers security. Especially personal security.

Unless Wyze is stealing personal data. If you have something to hide then you hide it. I would think they get enough info from the app. All apps from the android store have snooping code attached to them. That is a fact.

As a retired programmer encryption raises a red flag where it is not needed.