Vacuum dustbin full/has not been emptied in X days notification

My robot vacuum gets full every 3 days, but being a human and not a robot I often forget which day it needs to be emptied. The vacuum has a sensor that knows when the lid is opened.

I would like to see an option in the app that lets me pick a number of days since lid was opened notification

“Number of days since the lid was opened”: 3
This would warn me before starting a vacuum run after 3 days when the lid has not been opened:
“Vacuum has not been emptied in 3 Days, do you want to continue?”
This would also be a great benefit for when people go on vacation

Track able dust bin removal/reminder after ___ Sq ft vacuumed

I have been running the robot vacuum in the kitchen each night to test out the scheduled running. I find myself enjoying the clean floor even if I dropped lots of crumbs on the floor while cooking, but good golly I forget to empty the dust bin so often. That and I only remember to do hair removal when I hear it running and struggling (you know the rythmic on and off again sound when on carpet).

When I remove the dust bin it tells me. I just want it to be able to track the removals in the cleaning history. Then, add up the Sq footage by using the cleaning history that already exists, and be able to add a customizable reminder to empty the dust bin.

Example, phone notification to remind you to empty the dust bin or a verbal reminder from the vacuum before the next run after it hits a customizable Sq footage like 500 Sq ft, 1000 Sq ft, whenever your home tends to need emptying.

Would be a super simple addition as triggers are there already for the dust bin removal notice. That addition would be amazing and super helpful without having to deal with adding/changing design!

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