V3 camera - allow continuous recording more than 9 days

And a thank you from me as well Oh WyzeJasonJ :slight_smile:

Not being in the US, I didn’t have an experience with the telephone support, however if you have access to the online chat transcripts you can find my fairly detailed one started 26 Mar 2022, 03:10 PM (GMT+0)

I will pass your ticket number up also with the info I have already given them.

I do not have access to those, that is a different department, but if you did receive a ticket number at any point I can pass that up also

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@WyzeJasonJ - Log ID 543708 - Does that help?

I hope so, I will add it to the list I have given them, thank you

I think You have done great job to forward log number.
why is Wyze do not pay attention to Normal joes log number submitted through their regular channel.

@cf7 When I submit a log, I receive an email (subject “Thanks for submitting a diagnostic log!”) that tells me that they’ve received the log, and gives me log number. That email also contains a link to “Connect to Wyze Support”. I’ve found that merely submitting a log never results in a response. However, if you follow the link the Connect to Wyze Support, you might get some attention. And it appears that the Connect link inexplicably does not automatically convey the log id, so when you communicate with Wyze Support, you’ll probably have to manually give them the id.

thx, for your advice.

All a sudden today… detection and event thumbnails are back. I have not change. anything.

May be my log(S) got Wyze attention. Took 2 weeks of waving my hand .

I have completed my testing and can confirm recording at SD or HD quality on a 256 Gig card formatted as ExFat or Fat32 starts overwriting between 80-90 Gig in use. From that point on you will lose the earliest recordings one day at a time. 128 Gig cards work fine.

Basically buying 256 Gig cards at the moment is a waste of money until Wyze gets this fixed.


@WyzeJasonJ Just getting your attention to my post above this.

I have the same issue with a 256GB SD card.
I have 2 V3 camera, one with 128GB SD card, another with 256GB SD card. Both are formatted to exfat. The 128GB one works correctly (used close to 115GB of space) while the 256GB one only use 95GB of space before removing the old records.

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I will add that to what I have already passed up to the team

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Thank you, @WyzeJasonJ. It’s disappointing, though, that this problem has been going on for so many months, and aside from your response, there’s absolutely NO feedback indicating that anyone is working on the bug, much less that there’s an ETA for a fix.

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To be honest, this forum is the only place I have seen this issue mentioned. I am wondering if many users don’t realize it is not utilizing the full card. I have forwarded all the info to the team, and they are looking into it. I however do not have an ETA yet.


My experience is that when I contacted Wyze support, their first response is that 256GB is not supported. When I mention the page that said 256GB in exfat format is supported, they then told me to reformat the card. That in my opinion will just drive people away from actually reporting the issue.
This is the response Wyze support sent me.

I understand that you’re experiencing issues with your camera which has a 256GB MicroSD Card. Wyze Cam supports 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB Class-10 microSD cards in FAT32 format. The camera will recognize larger cards (64GB+) that use exFAT, but these cards are less stable and are more likely to experience issues in the long run. While there are ways to force larger cards onto the FAT32 format, they are less likely to be recognized by the camera and may corrupt your data.
Wyze Cam v3 has the same 32GB limit as both Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. We do not recommend using larger microSD cards.

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WyzeJasonJ - I posted about it on the Wyze Core Community Facebook group. The community admin there, Gwendolyn Alanna Evans went as far to even mention your name there as the one person who might be able to solve the problem :slight_smile:

At least 2 people have come here to report the problem after my suggesting it.

A forum Maven, when they saw the reported problem here even went so far as to report that they had not seen similar behaviour on his 256 and 512 Gig cards, but eventually even he admitted that is now seeing the same problem after do a more thorough investigation.

Incidentally, I had the same information given to me in chat that zengshengliu was given.

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Yes, that’s similar to the inconsistent and unsatisfactory response I got when I reported this to Wyze on April 18. @WyzeJasonJ you can refer to Ticket 1979170 for reference.

Wyze needs to publish accurate specifications for their products. And it needs to ensure that their products meet those specifications. And when they don’t match the specs, Wyze needs to make them match, either by publishing accurate specs (and notifying customers of the change) or by promptly pushing firmware that makes them match the specs.

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I do not have direct access to the tickets, but I can forward it on to make sure they give out correct information. The cameras should work with exfat formatted cards. I am forwarding on the information that this is not the case in hopes that it will get corrected. I will also forward the info so that the Wizards are giving out correct information.


Does the large (256gb) SD card need to be formatted exFAT on a PC, or will the Cam3 format command properly format it?

I ask because I formatted in the Cam, and it reports that it “sees” 256, but only uses a little less than 35gb.

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@bushpilot My testing, and others here
have shown that it does not matter which scheme is used to format the card, nor where it was formatted. The problem simply exists. Regardless of the few people on Twitter or Facebook who proclaim that it must be down to using poor quality SD Cards as their high quality Sandisk pro 256 Gig ones work fine. Those same people, when challenged to provide a screenshot of the page showing the SD Card usage from the app, suddenly stop replying. The problem you are experiencing is real and is being looked at by Wyze, Until this is fixed you are best to use 128 Gig cards, which use the full capacity of the card.


@WyzeJasonJ Any chance of you contacting the “team” to provide an update please? I am sure you will agree we have been incredibly patient waiting for a fix.


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