V2.0.8 Beta app released

Continue the testing fun! The holiday season is coming. We are adding ‘Shop’ functionality in our V2.0 app. You will see our store and can use a fake card to get to the last page. When you submit the order we will intentionally dismiss the order in this build. Of course we will allow actual order when we do official release.

V2.0.8 update

  • Add Shop (only fake orders for testing only)
  • Added ‘What’s New’ dialog to describe the new app feature
  • Removed ‘Shared Devices’ page in ‘Device Sharing’
  • (iOS) Fixed a crash when viewing event videos after upgrading
  • (iOS) Fixed a crash on iPad when clicking on ‘…’ on the Events page
  • (iOS) Fixed a crash when sharing a device
  • Other bug fixes

This is should be the last Beta feature update for V2.0 app. Thanks!

I think it would be good to add a ‘continue shopping’ button after adding items to cart.

Is this the same as proceed to checkout? Did you had issues proceeding to your cart?

I am not sharing a device so I can’t tell for sure but it appears that the shared device page is still there.

No I did not have any issues but most of the time at other sites after you add an item to your cart you have either the option to proceed to your cart or continue shopping. When I added an item to the cart the website stayed on the item I just added. I was able to continue shopping by hitting the back button it just seemed a little awkward. Not a big deal though.

I went back into the app to place another order and my previous order was still there and it added my new order to the previous one. Maybe that was because it’s just a test and not a real order.

Are you planning on adding Apple Pay support to the shop?

This is part of the plan but no definite timeline yet (will depend on the outcome of beta/release).