Using Wyze with android 4.3

Our family has two cellphones.

One is android 8.0 which we have the app installed and works fine.

The other is android 4.3, which we can’t upgrade.

We would like to view the cameras on the android 4.3 - we don’t really needs to access any settings, just view and/or if lucky get notifications.

Does anyone in the community know if there is am .apk or what version of tinycam would work with android 4.3 ?

Hi, Cali!

The Wyze app only supports back to Android 5.0 so this may end up just being a compatibility issue. But hopefully someone here will have a workaround! :slight_smile:

WyzeCam is supported in tinyCam if you have Android 4.4 and later. It will not work with Android 4.3.

TinyCam Free works with Wyze Cam v2 on my Samsung Tablet GT-P5210 Android version 4.4.2

Hi there try this guys for 4.2 4.3 4.4 etc but not 5.0 for lower phone or tablet specs only › apk
Web results
Wyze 1.2.73 (arm + arm-v7a) (Android 4.1+) APK Download by Wyze Labs, Inc. - APKMirror

Works well for me and it might help you too God bless stay safe keep safe everyone