Using a micro usb splitter to run 2 V3 cameras

Has anybody successfully run 2 V3 cameras with a USB splitter. I have about a 10ft run to the splitter, and the cameras are about 4 inches apart, so both connected to the splitter. 1 camera works fine, but the other camera either won’t set up, or works fine for a short while then fails and stops working. Not sure if I just keep getting bad cameras, or if the splitter has something to do with it (always seems to be the same camera that fails)

I have, but not using the USB Power brick as I think it would not provide the correct power requirements. I use a PoE setup just for the Power side. But I am now ready for true PoE if Wyze comes out with a camera supporting this. :slight_smile:

Matter of Fact, I have run a V3 and V3Pro off of one PoE Run.

This is what I used:

ELECTOP Micro USB Female to 2 Micro USB Male Splitter Cable (

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Likely too much voltage drop in the 10 foot cable to support the current with both cameras.


What did you use for the PoE power?

I use this PoE Switch

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE+ Switch (GS308PP) - with 8 x PoE+ @ 83W, Desktop or Wall Mount (

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I have two v3 cameras under the gazebo that share one power source with a splitter. The USB charger is a 40 watt Anker.

Anker 40 watt USB wall charger

One v3 is above the bluebird house and the other is inside the bluebird house. They have been running like this for almost 2 years.


That works… :slight_smile: Anker makes some good stuff.

How do you convert the ethernet back to USB then?

Here is how I have it set up:

  • I have the Ethernet PoE switch plugged into an outlet

  • I ran an Ethernet Cable from the Switch to the location where a camera will be

  • I then connected the PoE Splitter to the Ethernet Cable. This splitter will separate Power and Ethernet. I Used the Micro-USB or the USB-A connector and plugged the camera into it.

  • Then used this splitter to connect both cameras to it

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Yeah, that charger supplies 2.4Amps per port. Plenty of juice to power any Wyze camera.

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Just ordered a bigger power source. Hopefully that will help.