USB extension between Cam and Hup

Can I use a short USB extension cord between the hub and the cam?

Yes you can, it seems to have helped some get better connections with the sensors


Yup it worked for me …
Also there is a post that claims that the heat cause by the cam in an encloser caused disconnects with the sensors when the bridge get overheated.

Found it…


The bad was my bridge was still overheating plugged directly into the back of a V2 Cam Not in a outside encloser even in a 73 degree room out of direct sunlight. It’s still doing awesome with the USB extension away from the cam.

Glad it’s working for you. Hopefully it will continue :grin:

Regardless if it’s in an enclosed or not I believe a USB extention helps with the combined heat generated by the cam and bridge combo.

Great minds think alike. I’m with you 100% on that. I might even see if someone still makes a male to female adapter so it has an air gap between the cam and bridge just to clean up the look of it. I’m thinking a one to 2 inch gap should be enough to give both camera and bridge room to stay cool. Something like this…

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There is the other purpose of a long USB cable is to extend the bridge to gain signal strength for sencor(s) that are block by a wall. One can extend the bridge to a open window to gain a line of sight pathway without moving the cams present location… But if you getting a good signal already I see your idea…

I started having issues with a sensor in my hall way. The Camera with the Bridge is in my garage - less 50’ in a direct pattern. but I do have 4 walls between it and the hall way. I decided to put a USB extender on it to test the theory everyone was mentioning. After figuring out a placement (it is about 4 feet away from my camera but still in the garage) and now it just seems to work. I was actually able to move the motion sensor further down the hallway. Will test more, but so far so good. Note: I was looking at the signal strength on my motion sensor and it did not increase in strength - still at 1 bar. But the sensor seems to work better now. As indicated, I will monitor.


You might want to try and play around with the orientation of the bridge too.
Meaning face the bridge facing upwards or downwards or even flipping it on it’s many sides …

Will try that. Have you done this and experienced better reception on the sensors?

Been running with the Bridge set away from the camera and it has not missed a beat. Been reliable and the distance did improve, even though the signal strength on the Sensors remained the same. I did try other positions as suggested, but did not notice a vast change, so I set it up as in the picture.

I got a 3 foot braided USB extender and mounted a shelf. It is in my garage - so the walls are a bit messed up… :slight_smile:

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Motion sensors I’ve rotated had an improved on the reception.
On contact sensors I uncoiled factory antenna outside of it’s case which also improved the reception.


Good to know… thanks for the info.

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