[Updated 02-13-20] Data leak 12-26-2019

I reported that someone used my email address to sign up for a porn site and everyone here thought I was crazy to assume it was related to the data leak. I’m sorry to hear that others are reporting several issues with unwanted emails as well.


I have my own domain and typically use a unique email address for every account, and Wyze was no exception. I have yet to see a single email sent to that account except for ones from Wyze. To clarify, I do not simply mean no spam in my inbox, I mean none at all. An interesting oddity, however, is that I got a message here in the forum from Wyze regarding bounced emails, despite getting emails from them.

I’ll just point out to those who state their spam greatly increased, if you were getting any spam at all, that would indicate your email address was either known or easily guessable.

Even if you don’t have your own domain, there are services that allow email aliases. Outlook.com is one example.

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Some may be from the data breach some may not. However, I can’t make a universal judgement on the cause based on my own spam or lack of spam.

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We were just trying to raise a few issues with the blanket statement that the Wyze leak has caused these issues for you. Is it possible that because of this leak you received those? Yes. But there are hundreds of other users here that aren’t reporting those same issues. So if a handful of people are experiencing an uptick in spam, that is a poor indicator of Wyze being the cause of these. That in no way takes the blame for the leak off of Wyze, but they are not denying that.

The other thing I’ve try to promote is to not have the idea that email addresses are private information. Yes it is possible that some people keep a few accounts that didn’t make it out into the wild, but otherwise they are simply an identifier, and anyone can send an email to one. Just like your name is public record, I would treat an email address as public record online. And it’s up to you to filter out unwanted information directed at your email address. Getting spam is not an indicator of anything bad happening to your account.


My Gmail account gets very little spam (almost all ends up in the spam folder which I don’t really check) and it’s been leaked at least 7 times according to “have I been pwned”. After wyze leak was announced I’ve been checking my inbox and spam folder and have gotten two spam messages in the junk folder both of which I had been getting previously. Honestly spam calls to my cell number are way more annoying.

I do recall an old hotmail account I no longer use does get a lot more spam.

Again, Coincidences aside, I’m not blaming Wyze, I’m simply reporting that this happened to me so others can be on the lookout. Clearly others are seeing an increase in unwanted messages, and luckily it is only a handful.

The purpose of this thread is to provide a place for customers to share how the leak MIGHT have had an affect on them. It is not a place for users to disregard or argue the validity of the accusation being made.

I have no issue with the way this last message was phrased, and had that been the original message it would have been perfectly fine. Posting about possible problems you’re experiencing is definitely what this forum is for and would be helpful to both the rest of us users and to Wyze in their investigation. That just was not what your earlier messages were doing. And I apologise if my earlier replies made it sound like you were crazy or that I was not symppthizing with what you were experiencing. I was just trying to direct it to this conclusion we got to now.

Question …if one gets “have I been pwned” dose that mean some one cracked the email password to that email account?

thanks …

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. As Gwendolyn pointed out, tensions are high.

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What do you mean by “gets have I been pwned”?

Referring to the link above to check if your email address has been associated to a known data leak, the results do not indicate whether the password to the associated account was also leaked. You would have to look at the individual reported leaks to determine if they reported the password was included. In either case, it’s always good to change your password.

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If you’ve got hits on “Have I Been Pwned,” the results will show you what data was leaked. Look for the section that says “Compromised data” under each result.

Breached passwords are usually not the password, per se, but a hash or salt of the password. If you use a VERY strong password, your password may still be secure. But it’s probably a good idea to change it anyway. If you use a common dictionary word or a password that anyone else in the world is likely to use, (Dictionary word + number, for example) it’s almost definitely not secure. There are databases full of just hashes and salts of passwords, so if anyone else uses the same password and it’s in the database, they can find your actual password by cross-referencing it


Thanks for the replies to all.
I did use a strong and long paraphrase unique for all my account pw’s.

Just good to know what to do if my Wyze email account is found on the dark web.
…this thread has got me paranoid.
But come here to be schooled…lol and put to easee.

signed…the newbie.

Hi, Happy New Year!


You can check this website to see if a password you use has been leaked, however this does not mean that you password and account have both been leaked together. I would use it to mainly see if your password is strong enough. I would use one that does not show up in the link I posted.


Thanks …
What is meant by, " I would use one that does not show up in the link I posted." ?

If you type your password at the link he posted, and it comes back with: “Oh no — pwned!” that means it is NOT a secure password and that your account(s) will probably eventually get hacked.


Thank you Sir … I appreciate it much so !

Still learning as I go on here…

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Has been a great help to many. Myself included.


Thank u too … Sir !

Getting information is easy …but knowing the right person(s) to get it from is priceless !!
Thanks to the Wyze Team and to the informatively knowledgeable forum members here also …

signed …the newbie.