[Updated 02-13-20] Data leak 12-26-2019

Welcome to the club :grin:

The email said to unlink from Alexa and then re-link your account to Alexa how do you unlink from Alexa I don’t even see wyze showing up

Good news, the “hackers” cannot get in either.


Thank you Wyze for taking the situation seriously! My family can always rely on you guys to make everything right! Unlike ring and nest, they just shrug off any report they get. I will always have a spot in my heart for Wyze Cam!


I’m not saying they shouldn’t have reset the auth tokens, just not all at once. It could have been planned better. It’s bad optics to lock out 2fa users because some random, anonymous person makes unverified allegations. Hopefully they learned some lessons today on how to handle this better in the future.

I just posted the process over here.


Why were we not sent an email the moment a suspected breach occurred to allow us to secure our equipment (WIFI, cameras, bulbs, etc.) and our passwords and phone number?


The real security risk of SMS is someone simjacking your account and just getting the SMS messages sent directly to their device, no sniffing needed. All it takes is basic user information and some social engineering. Hopefully carriers start taking it seriously and requiring better user authentication to change SIM cards.


Now getting verification screen and txts but says not valid

Yes! The powers that be…please take this as a good time to switch to an authenticator app like Google Authenticator.


in this case, simjacking is not an issue. unless you seriously think this alleged breach is gonna be followed up by someone going through every number and contacting their service providers in hopes of porting everyones numbers onto individual sim cards. yeah ok.

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I doubt it would happen. Thank you for sharing!

I didn’t mean for this situation specifically, I just meant SMS 2FA as a whole.

I just deleted my Wyze app and re-installed. As I opened the app it gave me a brief window in which i was able to see my devices before it went to the main log in page. I’m leaning toward an app issue… I hope. Unfortunately it still has a login issue but at the very least i am still able to log in Wyze thru my desktop browser.

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Logged in, but I’m not receiving 2FA code. Can I disable 2FA online? Or only through the app?

Just got an official email from “store@wyzecam.com” saying they are working to resolve the problem!

We’re experiencing login issues. We’re fixing it ASAP.
Hey Friends!

We’re seeing multiple reports of failed login attempts with 2-factor authentication. If you recently tried to login to your Wyze account and the login attempt failed, hang tight! Our 2-factor authentication servers have been overloaded by requests and we will likely need a few hours to catch up. We have all hands on deck working to resolve this issue.

Also, if you linked your Wyze account with Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT, please re-link the services.

We’ll get your Wyze account back up and running ASAP! We’re so sorry about this!



Sniffing is easier than social engineering.

Carriers asks security questions. Some do ask a few questions.

People might not be aware but 2FA has been hacked by the Chinese…

I deleted and reinstalled mine but still could not log back in. Frustrating.

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It is just going to take a few hours for the service to get caught back up