Two Wyze car questions

Sorry if this should be in a better category, but I could not find any place appropriate for Wyze Car questions. Feel free to move this…

I bought the Wyze Car kit in the sale a couple days ago and it arrived today. Had no trouble putting it together and flashing the camera for use with the Car. It’s larger than I expected. Drove it around the shop at work… I expect to primarily use it for inspections of place I can’t easily get to. First off is the crawlspace under the house…

I have two questions. First, is there a way to turn off the battery - other than unplugging the car from the battery? The power switch does not turn if off - unless there is a trick to it.

2nd question. I am a beta tester for every Wyze device and app version that I have. There does not seem to be a beta tester option for either the car firmware or the car app. Did I miss something?

I guess a 3rd question. Is there a better place to put Car related posts here on the forum?

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There is a trick to it. :slight_smile: Press the button twice to turn it off.

I do not know of any open Beta efforts for the car.

Maybe a Mod can answer your question about where Car-related posts might go. I always see them wherever you post them because I view by “Latest”.


Figured there had to be something I was missing. Thanks.

Me too. New, Unread, or Latest - or some combination of those…


Id say your in the right spot. A search shows most all Wyze Car posts in the “Cameras” section with the “Wyze-car” tag.

:+1: I almost always only use “latest” then keep an eye on the tags.

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