Trash man tricking my Doorbell Pro!

My trash man is exploiting a flaw in the system. He walks in front of cam to trigger motion recording, stands right out of video range, waits for cam blue light to go off and then poof no recording of him ever talking the trash right in front of the Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro. Last event recording is him walking past my trash next to the camera, when I live view the trash is gone. This is happening in a very long breezeway so camera can see both the entrance and exit. I can hear him talking out of video range saying “watch this” “now you see me”“lol”. This is not good beause there is a storage closet the camera is protecting.

My settings is “no cool down”, “180 seconds recording (max)”, battery only, motion setting 5 (max), detection zone off, All motion not AI, Cam Plus.


The 180 seconds just means the video will keep recording for up to 180 seconds as long as motion is being detected. The cooldown is time between one recording end to another recording start. Neither is going to stop someone from watching to see when the camera is recording, waiting until it stops, then sneaking by and stealing your garbage. It’s a doorbell camera. I’d suggest a continuous recording cam if you need that functionality in this area to guard your trash from the trash man. (Couldn’t resist, lol)

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This is a great example of why I always turn off the Status LED, and why we should always have the option to turn it off. People shouldn’t be able to test and know when they are safe to do mischief.

Also a great reason to have redundancy with another camera that records 24/7 to an SD card as stated above by jbdub82.