Time lapse vs 32GB MicoSHDC card

Hi all,

I am thinking of using the WyzeCam to capture some constructions going on at the back of my house. I know factors such as resolution and frequency of taking pictures factor into the mix, but on average, if I take a picture every 30mins (frankly I haven’t even looked into the documentation to see if this is even possible), how many days of time lapse pictures would the 32GB card hold?


2 days

According to the Megapixel Calculator, a 1920x1080 image as a Lossless JPEG would be 3.11Mb. I’m not sure how the Wyze camera software manages the timelapse, but if we just round up to 8Mb per image we’d get the following:

  • 32Gb = 32,000Mb
  • 32,000Mb / 8Mb = 4,000 images
So a 32Gb Micro SD card should be able to capture approximately 4,000 images at that resolution. Let's work out how many images you would need per day:
  • 24 hrs * 60 minutes = 1,440 minutes per day
  • 1,440 minutes per day / 30 minute timelapse = 48 images per day
Now we can attempt to work out how many days of storage you'd get:
  • 4,000 images / 48 images per day = 83 days of images
Of course, your mileage may vary. I've not done any timelapse with my Wyze camera yet, so I don't know the approximate space they use.
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