How much storage on a 32 GB card

Hello All

I am not much of a tech guy and would like some advice. I purchased a ScanDisk 32GB SD card when I purchased my camera. I finally got around to looking at the data on the card and noticed it only stored three days. Is that normal? If this is all I get with this size card what is the purpose of the SD card when Wyze offers cloud storage?

Thanks in advance for your help.

For info about storage capacity, see this:

You apparently have the camera in HD mode, which will fill the card faster. It also depends a little bit on how much motion there is. (The reason is that static images can be compressed to a greater degree.)

You might want to try the Event Only setting for the card. Most people find that there’s really nothing to see on the stored video if no motion has been detected, which essentially just wastes space on the card for all that static video.

The cloud clips, while offsite and therefore not subject to theft or physical destruction, are limited to 12 second clips at most every five minutes. The installed SD card, not the other hand, will capture all motion, no matter how long it occurs, up to the capacity of the card.