Time lapse, sailing through Geiranger fjord, Norway

Wyzecam V2 mounted on a railing on the back of the Viking Star, as she sailed away from Geiranger, Norway. The resolution is reduced a bit from native format, in order to make it small enough to upload to this forum.

Sorry about the blemish in the middle of the image. It’s a bit of fibre trapped inside the Wyze lens:-(


Very cool. Looking on Google Earth it was amazing to see how far you were from the ocean. In 1978 I was in Bodo and Trondheim. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

I thought you might like to see the view of Geiranger fjord from the top of Mt. Dalsnibba. (that’s the distant peak directly above the cruise ship in the first frame of the video). Norway was stunning.

(Still photo taken with iPhone, not Wyzecam).


BEAUTIFUL !!! Wish I had had more time to sight-see. Thanks for the memories.