Things that go bump in my basement ? V2 chronic tripping!

Lately, my HMS has gone off while I’m home .
Sometimed it’s, Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings and Early mornings (3 or 4).

I’ve had this setup for about a year now &
I love it.

Now it scares the crap out of me (especially those am trips). This has happened every few days over a 2 month period.

Just image before going down there & having to grab your phone, put in a password b4 moonlight calls.

Sometimes, I am sound asleep n drowsy. Then having to go down into the basement n hope, no one is down there.

I only have one V2 in the basement, it covers the stairs leading up into the home and basement door leading up to the outside. Covering the full length of the house. (Kinda a stretch).

I am going to place a Wyze OG cam on it to see, if it’s a Bug or what, that is tripping it.

It is suspended firmly, from a floor beam, in the basement. With no way for anything, but a bug (spider, flying bug, etc.) to cross it.

Has anyone else had this happen to them or with theirs ?

How are you triggering the HMS and I agree, put some more camera coverage down there to held figure out what is tripping it.

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You didn’t mention which type of sensor was being tripped. But from your description and the topic tag, I assume it is a V2 Motion Sensor.

It may not have been tripped by anything. It may be the sensor. There are countless posts and topics about false positive alarms from a hypersensitive or faulty sensor.

I have one sensor that I cannot use for monitoring. Way too many false positives. Something on the inside just isn’t right. I had to retire it.

It may be that you need to change the battery, factory reset it, and reinstall it.

I have another sensor that did the same thing. I did a factory reset, took the battery out, deleted the sensor, let it set for a couple weeks, put a new platinum battery in it, installed it, and have heard a peep out of it for well over a year.

How ?
(It’s been at least a yr)

I connected my V2 motion sensor to HMS
Thru HMS settings mode.

I also set it to only trigger when HMS is set to Home and Away

Platinum coin batteries?
News to me !!!


I’ll try the battery angle.
Then the delete & refresh
Then after just one yr, retirement ?
(The French are Rioting over 64 yrs b4 retirement age)

Lucky ole Wyze.


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V2 Motion Sensors use AAA Batteries

It’s been a yr. Thx !

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