Thermostat Room Sensors -First Impressions (plus comparison to Climate sensors)

Agreed. The green icons on the sensors indicate when you would like the sensor to participate in motion activated inclusion in the Sensed Temp Average. Only applies based on the Thermostat Schedule Time Blocks…NOT the thermostat State Mode. The actual state the Thermostat is physically in has no bearing on when the little green icons include that sensor in the average.

However, see below, there is an Easter Egg in these two little green icons.

My geolocation\geofencing GPS settings on my phone are always off as is the setting for this in the Thermostat. I don’t use my phone location for automation.

App: 2.30.0(130)
FW: 1.2.1

I have done some more testing on the Motion Sensed Thermostat State Change and have reproduced my results on every attempt.

  • I have only 1 Remote Sensor installed.
  • Geolocation\Geofencing Auto Switch is off. I never use location services w\Wyze.
  • Thermostat State is Home
  • Test takes place during Thermostat’s Home Schedule time block.
  • Auto Comfort is on
  • Both Home and Sleep icons are selected on for the remote sensor.
  1. Manually place the Thermostat in Away State Mode which forces the preset Away temp Setpoints.
  2. Walk in front of the remote sensor.
  3. Remote sensor motion detection automatically changed the Thermostat to the Home State Mode (takes 7.5 seconds) and the preset Home Schedule temp Setpoints appear.
  4. “Welcome Home” appears on the app display for the Thermostat.

I then modified the Thermostat’s Sleep Schedule to the current time to test this while the Sleep Schedule was active:

  1. Thermostat entered Sleep State Mode on time
  2. Manually place the Thermostat in Away State Mode which forces the preset Away temp Setpoints.
  3. Walk in front of the remote sensor.
  4. Remote Sensor motion detection automatically changed the Thermostat to the Sleep State Mode (takes 7.3 seconds) and the preset Sleep Schedule temp Setpoints appear.
  5. “Enjoy your sleep” appears on the app display for the Thermostat.

Further testing revealed that the Auto Comfort Motion Activated State Mode change back to the current scheduled Thermostat State Mode will only occur from the Away State Mode to whatever the state mode is in the schedule for the current time. It will not change from Home to Sleep or from Sleep to Home, only Away to Home or Away to Sleep.

Also, when manually placing the Thermostat in Away State Mode and forcing a Hold, the Hold will not allow the remote sensor to change the Thermostat State Mode on detection of motion. The Hold overrides.

The Auto Comfort and the green icons on the sensors follow the Thermostat SCHEDULE, not the State Mode. If the Thermostat is placed in the Away State Mode manually during either Home or Sleep Scheduled time, the Motion Sensing Inclusion\Exclusion temp averaging and motion sensing remains bound to the thermostat schedule, not the State Mode. So, even if you manually force the Away State Mode, Temp Averaging and motion sensing continues if Comfort Mode is on and the current schedule meets the Home\Away icon settings on the sensor. Even when in Away Hold, the Sensed Temp Averaging follows the thermostat schedule and the sensor settings. Hold only overrides a Motion Sensed State Mode change from the Away state, not Sensed Temp Averaging or Inclusion\Exclusion based on motion.

I can only assume, by the missing Away icon on the sensor, that during the Away Schedule, no Sensed Temp Averaging or Motion Detection occurs and only the Thermostat is used. I did find that when it uses an average sensed Temp reading, the app Thermostat display says “It is 72 in your Home” but if it is only using the Thermostat temp sensor it says “It is 72 in your Wyze Thermostat”.

If Auto Comfort is turned off, the little green icons disappear. This disregards all schedules and either includes or excludes the sensor in Sensed Temp Averaging based on how it is set. Included or Excluded. With Auto Comfort off, it also removes the ability of the remote sensor to change the Thermostat State Mode.

Still not sure how the Hot\Cold spot settings affect the sensor and Thermostat. Have to test more. Seems a bit redundant to include the sensor in Auto Comfort and include it again in Prioritize Comfort but counterintuitive to include it in Auto Comfort and then exclude it in Prioritize Savings. Probably makes a lot more sense if I had a bunch installed and only wanted to exclude one but still have Auto Comfort control the rest. Auto Comfort is a global on\off for all sensors, Hot\Cold Spot settings are individual sensor settings.

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I am going to try and take what you provided and what I have determined and put it into one post for the masses. Good job above.

You are correct. I was using the two as the same. At the time, I was not thinking about the Hold option, or if you switch modes.

Similar, I say use Location only when using the app.

Correct, it will only change it from Away to the Scheduled Mode.

Good catch. I did not test this part.

This is how I have mine set

What Easter Egg?

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Sorry. The Easter Egg was the unpublished realization that the Remote Sensor brought back the Motion Detected Thermostat State Change. This was previously a feature on the Thermostat but was removed by Wyze.

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Got you. I recently put mine in so I did not experience the difference. :slight_smile:

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Yes, a lot of people have been asking for this to be…restored.
This functionality was removed with a firmware update.
Now I have to buy another piece of hardware to get it back?

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Mine haven’t updated in five days. People on Reddit complaining, some have been reaching out to Wyze support and no solution.

I’ve reset and re-paired did nothing.