Thermostat keeps going off-line

What is the deal with the thermostat I did the update and now every 24 to 48 hours it goes off-line I have to completely reset the furnace to get it to come back online the thermostat will still work on the wall but cannot be used from the app on the phone unless furnace is reset since the furnace is what powers the thermostat

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When you power off your furnace and back on, essentially you are rebooting the T-Stat. You can also removed the T-Stat from the wall and wait for about 15 seconds and the plug it back in.

Before you do it the next time, take a look on your T-Stat and see if it lost WiFi connection. You will know this as the device will show the WiFi icon with a line through it.

Also, can you provide your App Version as well as the FW version of the T-Stat.

It’s got a Wi-Fi symbol and this symbol next to it. ! .

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I am running version 1.2.3, which is the Beta FW described here:

The icons indicate that you are not connected to WiFi, which is why you cannot control the T-Stat via the App. The Snowflake looking icon indicates you have set the T-Stat for AC only and Not Heat or Auto.

Now, if you want the Beta FW for the T-Stat to see if it fixes your issue go here and register for Beta Testing:

Then load the App and when you enter it, go to Account, About, Beta Program, Click Edit in the Top Right, and then select T-Stat save all changes and back out to the Account Menu. You can then go to Firmware Update and the T-Stat FW should show up. you can also go to the T-Stat, Settings, Device Info and then go to Firmware and perform the update.

Note: Not sure you need to download the Beta App to do this, you may be able to do it once you sign up for the Beta Progra,.

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Can you access the thermostat settings in the app? If so go into the settings and restart the device

Remove it from the wall (just the display) and wait a few seconds and plug it back in

Flip the breaker to the unit

Probably best to remove the device and add it back and see if that helps

Hope it works out , pls let us know !