Thermostat Incompatible - Can I re-wire to connect Wyze

I’m trying to install a Wyze thermostat to operate a Heil furnace. (No AC, there is a fan but we never use it). Currently it is connected to a honeywell thermostat using terminals, G, W, and R. With a jumper between R and Rc. At the furnace the wiring connects to G, W, R; with C and Y being unused. Is there a way I can re-connect the existing wiring, or run new wires to be able to use the Wyze thermostat with the furnace? It is a short wiring run.


The furnace should be capable of running its own fan, so you can take the G wire off the furnace terminal and connect it to C, using it as a C wire, and then tell the wyze your “old thermostat” has the following wires: Rc, W, C,

Make sure you turn off the power to the furnace before moving the wires around, you don’t want to accidentally create a short circuit and blow the fuse.