Thermostat C-wire installation assist

Am attempting to install the C-Wire adapter but before attempting anything am get sure what I am doing is correct and I am not entirely certain. so some assistance would be nice.

we have called a HVAC tech and two had said it was going to cost 100USD + per hour just to show up.

anyway I have took many pictures and identified my model / serial.




the diagram of the wires does not look 1:1 to the wires I found, I think that’s the controlboard but I am not certain.

I just need to know which wire is which with a little bit of certainity

Wires are labeled.

I need a wider image of the wires to make sure that the wire labeled Y? is actually Y.

W has two wires going to it, I don’t think I can fit two wires into the adapter which one should go in?

also C has like three and one is big thicc

You don’t need the C adapter.
Straighten out this blue wire here that is wrapped around your thermostat wire and attach it to the C terminal.
Then find it behind your thermostat and attach it to the C terminal on your wyze.



late reply but thanks got it working without the adapter wooo!

the HVAC techs wanted me to pay $138+ upfront just to uncoil C wire and connect it.

we were not going to pay 2x+ the cost of the thermostat just to install it!
Thank you Speadie!