Thermostat 3 wire Braeburn 5020 install help

I have 3 wires going to my existing Braeburn 5020 Thermostat. Red wire = W1/E/W3, White Wire = RH (Jumper from RH to RC) & Blue Wire = O/B/V3. Am I going to be able to make the Wyze thermostat work with my wiring? Attached are 2 other pictures at the furnace. As far as I can tell in the one photo the Blue wire goes to the “R” Terminal and White wire goes to the go to the “G” Terminal and in the other photo the Red wire goes to the “C” Terminal. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Your system uses a zone valve with separate power open and power close commands. wyze (and most other modern thermostats) doesn’t support this. You could upgrade your zone valve to the more common power open and auto close variety, and you would have many more options for thermostats, including the wyze, but as it stands, you’re pretty much stuck with the 5020 and similar hydronic only thermostats.

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Thank you. Yes we just had to have one of our zone valves replaced and the guy said the same thing I would need to get different zone valves for the Wyze thermostat to work.