The Death of my WYZE Band Review

This is my experience with my band and is no way a complaint, I decided after getting it all scratched up, I decided to put it thru its paces to see how tough it really was. Here is my story

My Wyze band shipped on April 17th 2020. Once I received it, I was really impressed of the quality for the price and have worn it virtually every day for the past 6 months

I wore it everywhere and since I work at a dirt racing track, it got its helping of dirt, mud and scratches every Saturday night.

I also worked on my truck and other mechanic things so I thought to myself, what the hell and decided to see how long it would last in the awful environment I put it thru.

I showered with it on, changed oil, painted vehicles, got it muddy, dropped it several times (actually the band kept coming loose )

Here is what I found
The watch performed very well until its untimely death. It took all the abuse very well but the last breath it took was while in the shower. I had not noticed that I had chipped the corner of the lens which compromised its water resistant capability and the hot shower water did it in.

At first I thought it would dry out but no luck, the screen stayed white with streaks. I thought I would write this eulogy for others to see.

I really mistreated this band and am impressed it worked this long. It would still be plugging along had I not broken the lens. I have pictures if I can find out how to post them

All in all, it is a tough bird and I will be replacing it next week…but wont abuse this one LOL


Nice write-up @Homeless.


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Goodness! Rest in peace, Wyze Band.

Thank you for taking the time to share all this! :slight_smile:


Yes untimely but lived a good life



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