Thanks for the free trash

Got a free Burger King used drink cup thrown against the fence and a bag of empty food wrappers and napkins left in the street. Thanks :poop: :poop: head


Some people [Mod Edit]…

Makes you want to hunt the guy down and shove it down his throat.

Maybe his wife’s car looks like this

I have worked on cars where there is no room for anyone other than the driver.

Had a pack rat customer come in complaining of a beeping noise inside the car. The crap was piled as high as the top of the seats. No food, lots of newspapers folded lengthwise. After digging through the mess, I found a brand new smoke detector still in the package. The beeping was the low battery alert. The customer requested that we put all his stuff back.

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First off:

No…because they just chuck it out the window.

I’m dying over this.

My 16yo daughter has been driving me crazy lately. One of her friends crashed her car, so she’s been taking ours to get to school, and her and her friends keep leaving trash everywhere and it’s driving me completely insane.

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There is a person in the city I live whose car is full like @TomG mentioned. Except they literally only have enough open space to see out the windshield. The rest of the car is filled with newspapers, books and magazines. They have been cited by police many times for driving with obstructed views and hit and run. They have a habit of hitting cars in parking lots.

As for your daughter, there is an easy solution…take away the keys until she cleans up the car. :wink:

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Thought about it, but it’s a bit more complicated… At least if I care about her finishing school, and me ever sleeping.

If I took the car away completely then she wouldn’t go to school (8.5 mile drive to a charter school (high school) at a college campus with no bus to take), and since I’m up till like 3-5am working, I’m not going to wake up with 2-3hrs sleep to drop her off myself :joy:

We have threatened to move her to an online school (which my wife had been working for), but she’ll be a senior next year, and most schools around here won’t accept seniors.

That’s not to say we aren’t doing anything about it, restricting other use, and I make her clean the car, sometimes ground her or shut off her Internet depending on various things, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still frustrating when her and her friends trash the car when she does go to school.


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How much clutter can you tolerate, mvb? I can tolerate mild clutter. Those who can tolerate no clutter say it is more. :slight_smile:

Haha oops, I meant car. Swipe gesture autocorrect error.

Clutter I can tolerate. Trashing my stuff I can’t. Like leaving fast food soda cups or energy drink cans on the floor of my car where it leaks and then stains my toddlers’ stuffed animals that they threw on the floor. Plus leaving fast food wrappers, bags, napkins, leftovers, etc scattered around the car. I consider that trashing the car… With literal trash… which you just don’t do too other people’s car/house.

Clutter and disorganization I can handle in moderate amounts, just not trash that is ruining stuff that costs me money. :wink:


Trade the girl in for another :heart_eyes_cat: :grin:


Yeah, that’s not good. I can’t tolerate that either.

I once dated a woman with a messy car and her hair smelled musty. Nice girl, total deal breaker. Scent is important to me. :slight_smile:

Musty girl: Yeah, and height was important to me, shorty. It’s a shame it didn’t work out. :roll_eyes:

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LBJ’s wife LBJ deserves some credit: Her campaign actually made a difference in our medium-sized town in the 60s and 70s. :slight_smile:

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Funny you should ask. In m car, there is very little clutter for any length of time. I try to keep the inside of the car picked up.

Now if you ask about my house, THAT is a different issue all together. It’s clean, except for the piles of paper I create (paid bills, CC receipts and misc letters).

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I put all my paid bills and other receipts in expanding folders which will hold about 2 years worth then I feed them to a shredder. I could probably eliminate 80% of that but I despise paperless billing.