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I would like to be notified if my room temp is out of range.
For example, if I set my room temp to 68F and the home heating does to achieve this OR starts to fall below this temp then there is a strong possibility something is not right with the furnace or heating system. I am 100 miles from this location and would like to know by notifications if the temps are not being maintained. I wouldn’t want to wait until the house is at 50F to get a call as that means the heat has been off for quite some time.

So how can we users use the notifications to tell us if the home temp is below the range being requested and therefore be notified?

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This feature already exists within the Thermostat settings. :gear:

In the Advanced Settings, set your Safety Temperature minimum and maximum points. These are the thresholds that if met, the Thermostat will notify you.

In the Notification Settings, enable Send Notifications AND the option to be notified if a Safety Temp has been reached.

Hi Slabslayer,
Thank you for the reply.
I see that but that isn’t a practical tool in its current configuration.
In the northern climates the idea of not notifying someone until the temp is down to 50F means the heat has likely been off or malfunctioning for many many hours or days. If the internal temp is at 50F it is likely that outer walls are near or at freezing temps.
Why can’t you make those values customer definable?
If I call for heat to 68F and the house is running at 65 that means the furnace isn’t doing what the thermostat is asking for.

Property managers want to know if a furnace isn’t doing what the thermostat is asking for.

I sincerely hope this can be addressed to make the temps values user definable.



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Derrick, I understand better now. The range is the issue.

The request to expand that safety temp range has been requested already in the #wishlist.

Follow the link :point_down:, click Vote to add your vote for the request, drop a :heart: for any posts with good ideas, and add your reasons for requesting this in a post at the bottom.

As an alternative, the Wyze Climate Sensor which works with the Wyze Sense Hub can send notifications for any above\below temp setpoint between 104° and 32° F.

EDIT: Forgot the link. Here it is:

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We need to be able to set these values to any temp value we desire anc be notified if the heating system is unable to maintain

Simpl example………. If t stat set to 68f. I want to be notified if room temp drops below 65f as this means something is not working properly with the furnace. I want the whole range available to me.

That post should have been the next in the #wishlist topic I linked above.

If you feel it doesn’t match close enough, submit your own #wishlist request.