Team Android or Team iOS?

No problem. He really likes his phone, but Microsoft is raising the white flag on supporting it. I certainly don’t expect effort to support an obsolete phone OS, just asking if there was an easy button for him to use a camera. Without a browser page and text messages, he’s out of luck.

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Very glad to see this poll and that the question (iOS vs. Android) is being asked. Likely less important to development, but … perhaps add another poll (or Part B of existing poll) asking Phone vs. Tablet? In our household we have both, I use an IPad (exclusively) and my wife uses an iPhone.


In my preferences I substituted my name with my OS and Device ,So , if you click on my screen name you will see my OS and Device.
If this form had the ability to put in a signature , People could put it there , But I don’t know if the team can or wants that ability

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Welp lol

@HDRock… A better way is to add the info in the About Me section of your forum profile. As long as it’s not more than one line, it also shows up with a single click of your username.

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A really good example of why we need this info…


Heck yeah I’m voting for that

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Done .

Does the windows phone run standard windows apps? If so, install a free program called BlueStacks then he can run Android apps in it on a windows OS.

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We are team both. Two Ipads and two Android phones.


I downloaded BlueStacks but haven’t installed it yet. Does anyone out there have experience with it?

It’s a shame Wyze won’t be offering Windows computer (or phone) access. I installed the .apk on my smart TVs and love being able to monitor my cams on the big screens.

I am team Android, but I most certainly don’t have a problem paying for a good app.

well I have always been, and always will be part of it.#DROIDLYFE.

iOS team for life

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i thinki you might be able to get it to work if you use the wyzw cameras with tiny cam pro ( not sure if that’s supported by windows phones or not) many many videos on the tube about how to do it, and ive gotten mine working too.

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Luddite for Life :). Blame it on dealing with windows and hardware issues at work. Then I broke down. Reality of the 20th century. Picked up the last gen eMac when Apple was introducing the :desktop_computer:. Since then iOS & Mac forever. User friendly for dolt-luddites like me. Hardware is durable. The eMac still works fine.

I voted Team iOS but am also a google fan!


iOS here, but ONLY because work forced me into this POS iPhone in Sept. 2017. I HATE this iPhone. After years of BlackBerry and then Android, the iPhone is so limiting. There is a possibility that work will let me switch back to an Android somewhere in the future…


I know this message is old but just in case…

I use BlueStacks every day just for the Wyze cams. It works great. I’m using Windows 7.

No lags?