Streaming for class and expo


I have used my Nest Cam in the past to live stream an expo. This time I would like to use my Wyze V2 if this will work. Basically, I just plug in the camera and have it live steam to either Facebook or YouTube. Whichever will work.

Can someone help with this? I have a PLUS account if that is a consideration.

Not sure if this helps since I don’t have a V2 and don’t Webcam my Pan, but the v2 cam does have WebCam firmware available:

Alternatively, the Tiny Cam Monitor Pro app does have WebCam functionality (that I also don’t use) and I don’t have a V2 so I can’t confirm that it is supported by TinyCam, although I would be surprised if it doesn’t.

Thank you so much! I will give it a try.

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