Storing vacuum for an extended period

Is there anything special that we should do to the vacuum when storing it for 6 months? I just plan on shutting off power to the dock and pulling the vacuum away from the connectors. I also will clean the roller and dust bin. I will also turn off the unit so the switch light is out.

Is there any other step?

I do not recall if the battery is a LiPo or not, but you may want to look into special battery storage options if so.

I assume you are talking about the robot vacuum. The paper manual I have for that (a preliminary version) says:

“If the product is to be left unused for a long time, please turn off the robot after full charging, and store it in a cool, dry place; recharge it at least once a month to avoid battery damage.”

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Welcome @bepilot!

To add on, this can be done by holding down the power button until the vacuum says “powering off”.


I have turned it off after a full charge. Unfortunately I have no practical way to have it recharged each month. I will sit for about 5-6 months before I am back to hook up the dock and recharge it. Will just have to see if the battery works then. Thank you for the suggestions.

I turn it off between cleanings and remove the dustbin. I’ve not tested it since I first got it, which was two firmware updates ago. But back then, the continuous checks for the presence of the dustbin would drain the battery at an insane pace. I’m not sure whether that is also the case with the current firmware (1.6.113) that was released two days ago, but if I would store mine, I would remove the dustbin. Turned off and without the dustbin, it loses only 3% (three) battery power in a week.