Store wonked

From main page the store usually has highlighted icon a bottom of page due to some SALE going on. If you select it and then select SHOW ALL items to get to v3 Pan Cam Security Bundle 3 pack with memory cards. If I select that item, I get a BLANK PAGE. I mentioned to support but nobody seems to care. I know I won’t be ordering this item!

I don’t see it listed anymore. The bundle may have sold out. Unless it was part of the Spring Sale, then that actually ended last night according to the Sale email:

I tried to find anything advertising a 3-pack of Pan V3’s with MicroSD cards, and couldn’t see anything from the main page. I was able to find a deal of Regular V3’s doing this:


That’s why I assume that maybe the Pan V3’s Bundle sold out.
If it’s still showing up for anyone, it may just be leftover from browser caching. Try clearing the cache and see if it still shows up.

Tried to respond but …
Also your Spring Sale image is NOT what I get. Browser has been cleared and phone rebooted many times in last several weeks. I will be giving up now. Thanks.

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Just to clarify, I am not a part of Wyze. I don’t work for them, speak for them, or represent them. I am Wyze user who was trying to replicate what you reported, but it wasn’t showing up for me on the webpage anywhere when I tried to find it to report it to someone at Wyze, which is why I said it was probably sold out or otherwise no longer available for various reasons.

Oh, I know

You help a lot of folks and do no misunderstand my response. It may seem short but I am not angry with you about Wyze’ issue. Thanks for trying to assist.
Also, to be clear… I am on Pixel 6 Pro with latest releases of Android and Wyze App. I open Wyze app and select the store icon (next to account icon). Once store opens, I scroll about 1/3 down page to see SHOW ALL on right side of page. I select SHOW ALL and then slowly scroll down looking for the 3 V3 Pan cam Security System Bundle w/memory cards. Once found, I touch the image and get a blank screen. It has been this way for at least 2 weeks. I checked it early this morn. By now, it may be fixed but like I said - I moved on.
Again, Thank You.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the clarification Bob. Reporting things like this is helpful.
If I was able to replicate it I was going to report it to people. If you find bugs in the future, feel free to report those as well. We like to help report and resolve them so others don’t get similarly frustrated. :+1: