Stolen cameras Black list?

I had 2 of my cameras stolen from me as the result of an intruder. I captured the perpetrators on camera. The police are doing what they can but we all know how that can go. Is there a way to black list a camera or otherwise disable the camera after it has been reset? Or can I pull video feed even if it has been rest. My guess is no to that for numerous reasons, one of which is privacy. What can I do as a customer who had premium services active still at this point?

Send an email message and see if they know.
or call WYZE 206-339-9646.

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This is actually a wishlist topic with much discussion on the subject. I posted a suggestion in that topic to be able to flag the MAC of a stolen cam for police to track.

I am wondering if Wyze has this ability.

But, the cams are probably gonners. The service, however, stays on your account. Once you get an answer from Wyze on the tracking\flag for the hardware, you will most likely be replacing those cams and deleting the old ones from the app. But don’t do this until you download and save all the pertinent video footage associated with those cams. Then assign the replacements to your existing subscriptions.