Holy Moly , I ordered my cams months ago, How much longer on my order ??

They are shipping now! Today I received my email that my order was shipped! I placed my order on 02/15/2018.

That’s a bit of good news. Hopefully I get my shipping notification soon, too. I ordered 02/26/18. It has been so long, I forgot I placed an order until it dawned on me yesterday.

Placed my order feb 19 & still waiting!

Mine was the 19th also. I wonder what the date is they are up to now? Hopefully not still on the 15th.

They sent out updates about the shipping issues offering people a chance to cancel their orders.

I chose to wait it out, appreciate that they caught a manufacturing problem, held back shipping and fixed it while also letting people who ordered know and give them a chance to cancel.

Rare thing these days for companies to do that. Many companies would have just sent out the product and dealt with the people who complained.