Sprinkler Schedule Skip Menu Glitch

When you open the IOS app, select “Sprinkler”, select “Settings”, select “Schedule”, select “Default Schedule”, select Skips", then the popup menu interface to select when to skip watering doesn’t behave well.

The checkmarks don’t work as they are supposed to, when an option is selected (Rain, Wind, Temperature, Saturation). This is a glitch that needs to be fixed.


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Can you get an app log in Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Put your log number here.

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Log ID: 619965

It’s a user interface issue. When I select the options in the “Skips” menu, the boxes don’t get checked (or unchecked).
When I make a selection and save the changes, the updated Default Schedule actually does reflect the changes made.

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@carverofchoice or @spamoni4 do you have the sprinkler controller setup? Could you try to reproduce this? Thanks

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Sorry, no sprinkler controller as I don’t have an irrigation system

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I clicked on Temp and instead of the temp box being checked I get the wind box to uncheck

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Following OP’s great directions in the first post. I confirm replicating this as an iOS issue with the sprinkler controller.

I tested Android and it worked totally fine as expected. I could uncheck the top option and only the top option would uncheck. Then I could check it again, and only that option would get checked. Same with option 2. But Option 3 and 4 were locked.

iOS was buggy. If I try to uncheck the top option (Low Temperature) then it unchecks the middle 2 options and locks the top and bottom one as checked and now nothing else can be changed. WEIRD! If I instead try to uncheck the second option (wind) then it unchecks the top and bottom option and leaves the middle 2 options checked and locked.

DEFINITELY an obvious moderate iOS bug that is not present with Android and should be corrected.

Log 620491

@WyzeJasonJ think you can pass those logs on to someone on the app team or sprinkler team?

Worst case scenario I’ll bookmark this to report it on the Next Fix it Friday Bug event.
Thanks for reporting this, your explanation to replicate it was perfect for me quickly verify you are correct! :+1:


I have forwarded this on to the Project Manager, thank you.


I am not going to post about this bug in today’s fix-it-friday since Jason already confirmed passing on this bug to the product manager (though someone else may do so if they wish), since it’s already been acknowledged and looked into.