Spotlight alternative mounting location?

Instead of attaching the spotlight to the top of the cam v3, is it possible to add a USB extension cable and mount the spotlight nearby (maybe 8-10ft away)? Has anyone tried something like this?

Did you ever find a solution. I want to do the same thing and only need a 6 ft extension so that I can move the spotlight away from the camera.
I tried using the 6 ft power cable that comes with the camera by connecting it through a female USB to female micro USB adapter. While the spotlight initially powered on for 15 seconds, the camera, via the app, did not recognize that the spotlight was connected, even after restarting the camera. When I unplugged the extension, then plugged in the original short cord, the spotlight was recognized.
I am wondering if I should just buy a micro USB extension cable, but hate to waste the money if it turns out not to work.

Nope. I gave up on that idea.

Thanks. Did you try a micro USB extension cable? That was going to be my next attempt, but I don’t want to waste the effort if someone already found it doesn’t work.