Sounds missing in notification videos

Hello! I have noticed this week my sound related camera notifications don’t play audio when I go to view the videos. Say someone were to speak in the room and I would ordinarily get a notification. But then play the video back and can’t hear the person speaking.

I have no Google play store updates available (am a beta tester), I have no camera firmware updates pending. I am running a galaxy note 8. I tried toggling the mute unmute in the app while the video is playing, turned volume all the way up, etc but no luck.

Anyone else having this issue or just me?


Are you speaking of alert clip videos, playback from the mSD card, or both? What beta version of the app and what firmware are you running?

Firmware on camera is
App is v 2.0.3
And I am going to events in the app, clicking on the sound notification to watch the notification. I can check playback from SD card later.

Thank you for your feedback. This is a known issue for Android beta app 2.0.3. We’ll fix it in the next beta release later this week. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Keep up the great work!

I have been for a little bit now .

Upgraded to OnePlus 6t from galaxy s5. The event videos have stopped playing the sound. The recordings play fine on a pc using VLC. Latest firmware and app updates are installed. Any ideas?
with the new app update and firmware on 11/12/2018 problem went away.