Sound Quality/Issues?

First off, thank you for the good laugh in regards to the Wyze crapper. I was laughing my ass off while reading.
All I pictured was the scene from “Lethal Weapon 2” when a cop was sitting on the toilet with C4 under his butt for several hours, sweating in fear. LOL.
“Hello? Noonlight home security”? Yeah, hi. Yes, it happened again. new firmware upgrade while dropping a duce. I’ve been sitting for hours, afraid to get up, and I can’t feel my legs! What’s your safe word, sir? “It’s I don’t want to die while dropping a duce”? Okay, we will dispatch a deputy Dewey to assist again. He’ll be there anytime between now and next Thursday. Thank you for choosing Noonlight, partnered with Wyze!

Thanks for the audio tests between V2 and V3. CLEARLY, this is still an ongoing issue with these damn cams and their misinformation when advertising this camera by stating “it has an improved microphone and speaker”. Sure!! [Mod Edit]
The V2 does sound a bit clearer and louder. It’s still muffled though, which really pisses me off! I’m going through a custody matter (never-ending) to which I’ve intrusted this [Mod Edit] V3 cam as my main video and audio source for the living room ( body cams and dash cams saved my ass on several occasions), so to me, it’s a crucial item to have with a quality U3 Micro SD card up its butt so I may pull the footage onto my PC and submit it as evidence. My child said something that would have been a “nail in the coffin,” so to speak, a perfect opportunity to prove my child’s best interests.
After reviewing the footage, I thought I was going to go ape[Mod Edit] and take a 2,900 mile ride to jam this camera up a certain someone’s [Mod Edit].
With court approaching, I’ve been going nuts trying to use various programs such as Audacity in an attempt to amplify the audio in hopes of improving the clarity to a listenable and acceptable level. YEAH, due to their crap mic, or design flaw, I’m SOL.
I’ve fixed many audio issues I’ve had with my dash cam with minor tweaks done to it in order to drown out my cold-air intake sound and other background noise while driving. It drastically drowned out the voices. And no, not the ones in my head (lol), mainly the little voice coming from the carseat in the back. But hey, the tweaks worked pretty well as it’s now a video/audio file that one can hear and make out what was said.

With the Wyze v3 Cam… GOOD luck! I have a better chance of resuscitating the dead using audio corrective software than actually attempting to correct the audio issue from these files. There is only so much software can do if the hardware has been compromised. That 3,000 mile ride is really starting to sound good right about now, but the $5 per gallon is just not worth it (lol) Ugh. Thanks a LOT Wyze! Another fail! From the looks of it, I think a certain someone’s main engineer may have voluntarily placed one up his @@@ just for fun anyway.

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