Something glows with ir

Have a monster flying around my cams, seems very attracted to ir emitters on my cams…

What bug glows completely in ir?

Here’s the video the shot was from

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Most bugs up close look that way on IR, it is not that they are truly glowing, it is they are so close to the IR source that it shows very bright.


@WyzeJasonJ Is right about the bugs. I have a bunch of videos similar to yours. When I first got my cameras and saw these bright lights floating through the air, I was really totally freaked out. :laughing: Anything that flies in front of the IR lights will result in a bright reflection in the video. Much like when a car’s headlight shines on a reflector it is very bright. Some people were thinking they were ghosts or spirits. Lol



Don’t let your imagination get the better of you. I, as have many other folk, seen insects that look like everything from flying pigs to sawtooth fish. It’s all an illusion that’s created by the combination of IR reflection, frame rate, and the insects wing beat rate. The only fix is “Smart IR”, which is uncommon - usually only found in high end video camera lighting systems. Smart IR automatically adjusts the IR emission level depending on the amount of reflected IR hitting the lens. I imagine you can find stand-alone smart IR lighting, but it likely won’t be inexpensive.

Cheers !


No matter what anybody says… it’s a ghost! So close to Halloween that they’re beginning to practice their ‘flying close to cameras’ ability… :ghost:


Here it is, The Culprit…
These things don’t just reflect the light, they actually Glow at that wavelength of ir… the low light frame rate yields the Halloween effect on our cameras…


Yep, that critter is the guilty culprit. :grinning: He is a bright one for sure.


What about a perfectly round transparent glow that starts far away. That remains the same size and goes right past the camera. I have seen bugs and usually see wings, tails, or antennas. This has nothing.

A piece of dust or a particle floating close to the camera lense, appears huge and out of focus probably.