Some SD card events not sending notifications

I noticed an issue today with two of my V2 cameras. Both have the latest firmware updates…

I am using IOS app updated to the latest version…

Both cameras have SD cards installed to record event only. I have motion events recorded on the SD card that do not show up in the events (cloud recordings) nor did I receive a notification for the event. There was no previous motion events on either camera that should have kept the cameras from notifying me.

Any info on this issue? Any help would be appreciated!

Does this sound familiar?

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Not really my issue. 99% of the time (as far as I know lol), I receive notifications (12 second cloud clip) and have the video saved (with motion tagging) on my SD card when someone walks up my sidewalk on my porch. On this event in question, I have the video saved on my SD card (with motion tagging), but I never received a notification on my phone nor does it show up as an event in the app.

So, three things. 1) SD recording 2) Event video and 3) push notice. Aren’t you saying you are getting SD recording (with motion tagging) but not Event video or Push notices to your phone?

So the mystery is at what point does the green motion tagging trigger an Event video with a push notice. What gets recorded to your SD card is not on the same sensitivity as what triggers an Event. Think of it as “out of an abundance of caution” we are going to write a file to your SD card of motion. With the #roadmap, you would see if you should have a corresponding Event video.

That’s right, but It doesn’t seem to be a sensitivity issue is what I meant. They have constantly performed flawlessly by giving me notifications and saving to SD the tiniest of movement (bugs, a blowing leaf, slight light changes, etc.). For it not to notify (but still record to SD with motion tagging) a van in my driveway and a large male walking straight toward the camera seems more like a software glitch/bug. I have not noticed the issue until after the latest firmware update.

Ok, I edited my previous post, but you may have a different issue.

Sounds like the problem I’m having of events just hitting the bit bucket.

Gottcha…I see what you’re saying now.

With my proposed #roadmap, you could easily look at your SD recording and say “Look, it’s red!, I should have an Event video and I don’t”. As it is now, it’s kind of a mystery. Although a van and some dude walking in front of your camera sounds like a legit event.

And the only way to know for sure, is to clog up support with WTH tickets.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I will start a ticket and see what they say. Thanks for the reply!

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Following up. Did you get this resolved?

I think it may have been internet related. I have noticed my connection will drop for a few seconds so I’m assuming that it just happened to go down when I had a visitor.

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I’ve heard there is some buffering, but this may be of interest: