Solar Powered (Panel + Battery Bank) Totally Powers Off at Sunrise

I’ve tried this with 2 different Wyze Cam 2, 2 different batteries (10,000mah & 26,400mah), and 2 different solar panels. I’m using the RTSP firmware. Everything runs fine and I can live stream the camera all day and night until sunrise. At sunrise the camera powers totally off. I have to go out, unplug it, and plug it back in. If I run power from an A/C outlet I have outside the camera never powers off so I’m wondering if there is a change in power happening when the battery starts to charge again. Anyone have an idea what’s going on and a solution?

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How’s your setup? Is it the power bank with the solar panel on it or is it a panel that is just charging the power bank that is powering the cam? Have you see the power banks by Voltaic systems, I believe they may have what works.

I have a 21 watt solar panel charging the battery bank. The 2 power banks I’ve tried will power the camera while they charge. Everything works fine until when the sun comes up and the battery starts charging. If I plug the battery banks into an a/c outlet then it runs continuously without any problems so it has something to do with the solar panel starting to charge the battery.

This is the current set up:

Same thing happens changing things around using with it’s panel and the one above.

I have no idea on a solution, but you said that when you plug the power banks in they run continuously. Are you plugging in the power bank while the wyze cam is connected to simulate the sun rise with the solar panel?

Are you using a charge controller with a switched output for power?

A connection diagram ?
Some circuit when charging may cut off output due to impedance too low like short protection.
check your panel spec.

Not simulating sunrise. I ran a power cable to it that was plugged into the wall and then the battery and it ran fine for 4 days. The problem is when I replace the A/c power with the solar power panel.

No. I just have the camera plugged straight into the power bank. It’s a power bank for phones and security cameras that output 5 volts.

I’m using this panel. Not sure how to find what you’re talking about.

I believe he or she was suggesting that you try that experiment, rather than continuous AC to DC power, instead leaving the camera on battery only and then suddenly attaching USB charging power to the battery pack to simulate sunrise. The question is how the battery pack handles the transition. One of mine really likes to turn off randomly.

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Yep this is exactly what I was suggesting this can single out the panel or the bank.

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These days MOST USB battery packs will supply power OR charge - they won’t do both. So most likely as soon as your battery bank detects the charge from the solar panels, it switches to charge mode and stops outputting power to the loads.
The test that was suggested was to leave the camera powered by the battery bank, and simulate sunrise by supplying power to the battery bank. See if the battery bank stops supplying power to the camera.


@lmelamed, I have an Aukey and a RAVPower USB battery pack that both stop supplying power to any connected devices as soon as they’re connected to power themselves. I believe it’s a common safety feature to prevent a “passthrough charging” state since most battery packs I’ve used do this as well. I do have a couple that support passthrough, but they do get hot when charging.

Ok tried that. It works just the opposite with A/C power. I plugged the camera into the battery and waited for it to get online. Then I plugged the A/C into the battery to simulate sunrise. It kept working fine. BUT, when I unplugged the A/C the camera went off. It appears running off the battery then plugging the A/C in switches from the battery powering the camera to the A/C (thru the battery) powering the camera. Then when I unplug the A/C the camera goes off because it was really using the A/C, not the battery.

Basically I need a set up where the camera stays online streaming 24/7 in a location with no A/C available. The setups I’ve see other use on hear with 12 volt batteries is too cumbersome. Need something very simple.

Take a look at voltaic battery banks. The support pass through charging and should work. They are expensive but they are the only one that I see supports pass through charging. They also have a 19000 mah.

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The only other (kind of crazy) route I can find is putting a USB LED light or other dummy load on the battery pack to keep it outputting and prevent it from turning off. There’s gotta be a better way.

Ironically Wyze’s very good friends at Xiaomi make a battery pack with such a “low power” mode. It’s $44.

Hey you know what just might work in a reasonable form factor? One of those tiny USB mouse or Bluetooth adapters!

Thanks SuperStorm! I wanted to make sure their product worked be for spending too much so I bought the V25 6400mah and it works perfectly. Camera stays powered on streaming 24/7 now. I may need the stronger one in the winter or if we have bad weather and a few days without sunlight but I’ll wait and see. Right now if works perfect for what I need.

I’m using the

with this solar panel.

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That sounds great! I’m glad you found what works for you. I have been taking a look at the voltaic battery pack for use in my Wyze Cam Outdoor, but I’m waiting for a case to come out so the plug in the back of the cam isn’t exposed to the elements.

I’m using this for my exposed ones.

What I’d like to find is a zoom lens that doesn’t extend past where the current one ends so Ic an use them in this case.

I meant the Wyze Cam Outdoor:

I have not made any modifications to my Wyze Cam so I have no idea for that issue.