SmartThings Integration

Has Wyze actually announced they are part of Matter or has the community just discovered it on the Matter web page? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

Regardless, perhaps Wyze could then start talking about all the “exciting integrations” they’ll be looking to in the future with Matter protocol and how that will open up integrations into SmartThings and what the roadmap looks like.

Of course when was the last time we could trust a word on the Wyze roadmap. But still, something would be better than silence. With Wyze it seems:

  • Roadmap = we’d like to do it when we have a chance at some point in the near to very distant future
  • Not on roadmap / silence = stop asking us about it and buy one of the 200 new products we released this quarter that no one wants.

Agreed. I still buy Arlo Pro cameras despite their exorbitant cost because they tie into SmartThings nicely. I’d switch up to Wyze for cameras in a heartbeat if I could get security camera images (via Wyze the way I do via Arlo) when my SmartThings alarm goes off. I have a few Wyze cams around the house as well as integration isn’t as important on cameras but for switches/dimmers/lights/motion or contact sensors/etc. it’s an absolute must.


How do we make contact with Wyze directly? SmartThings should have been a no-brainer vs trotting out things we didn’t ask for. Can we perhaps get enough people to complain that they have to take it seriously?

It’s the number one wishlist request for Wyze to make and has the second highest comments of wishlist items. Not sure how we can get it on Wyze’s radar more. They’re just ignoring it.


They have announced it @Frederik has talked about it in this forum.

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We have been part of the Matter initiative since March 2021 and we never made it a secret. :slight_smile:


@WyzeGwendolyn it would be really great if we could get an update on this. If Wyze isn’t interested in integrating with Smartthings then just tell us. It’s beginning to seem like we’re just being dragged along with the silence.


SmartThings announced its Matter plans yesterday, Full details in the article, but if Wyze gets its devices Matter certified, SmartThings integration should be done.

While you’ve entered the topic, does anyone at Wyze care to make a statement on their roadmap for SmartThings support?

At this point, we are not considering SmartThings has an independent integration but are looking at Matter to gain SmartThings integration.
We are currently looking at the possibility of HomeKit too but don’t have any official plan we can communicate just yet and are counting in the mid term on Matter also to get that level of integration.


Is there a list somewhere of which Wyze products you all plan to get Matter certified?


I think the BIGGEST question with that is will products we have already bought and invested in be included in matter or will we have to re-invest in updated products that we already own?

  • Wyze Scale
  • Wyze Buds Pro
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Great question! If we cannot use existing products then, as they say, I am out. Can we please get this question answered asap?


I am definitely waiting to buy some things for this integration. I got your v1 sensors and I would have liked for them to be compatible with the v2 sense hub which I also got for the monitoring. Fine. Lesson learned on being early to the party with v1. But I am not getting more stuff that is not going to work with ST. I find it a great environment (WebCoRE) to automate my tasks. IFTTT is so flaky it is not worth my time.


Unfortunately, this is too early to answer that question. We know that bulbs, plugs and switch have the right chip to run Matter but there are still some uncertainty around the size of the library for Matter.

It will take some time before we can answer that question as Matter is still under very active development.


Thanks for answering and although this is not exactly what we may want to hear it does make sense.
And although not the exact same do you know if there are plans to open API use for 3rd party/customers? Another wishlist thread on this question has been active in forum but no response from Wyze.
Thanks in advance!

We know that bulbs, plugs and switch have the right chip

I thought that the integration would be from ST to the Sense Hub. That way we can access the sensors that it has access to as well as the other devices. I would also like this connection to be local. Will the sensors be accessible by ST?

Why would you tie your company name to Matter if literally none of your products that are released, releasing, or due to release are known to actually work with Matter? Could you possibly be any more dishonest about it? I don’t think so.

What about the cameras? How do we get that integration into ST via Matter? That doesn’t seem to lineup.

If you guys don’t want to do it, why not just bring an open API and let the community do it for you? Hell, out the api behind cam plus if you’re worried about extra ongoing costs.