Smart Vision Open Beta Feedbacks Thread

Hello! This is Mengting, and I am a Product Manager for Smart Vision! Thank you so much for trying out our Smart Vision v0.2. We are super excited to introduce you to this new version, as many important changes have been made possible by the hard work of our dev team and previous beta users :clap: .

However, as we are marching our baby steps, we know the current product is far from being perfect - and we really need your help on catching experiences that aren’t right for you, any bugs or crashes that occur, and any features you would like to add to the future iterations.

This thread is for us to share our beta testing experiences, report any issues or red-flags, and share any general feedback or thoughts:) I will try to monitor it on a daily basis, and will consolidate a FAQ from our discussions for future users.

Enjoy testing and looking forward to working with you!


[Mod Note]: Minimum setup requirements as of 04NOV2022:


Should I ask what “Smart Vision” is? that’s a term I have not heard before and can’t find on the Wyze website.


This is great! @WyzeMengtingHu
Is there any info on which devices are supported and what functionality so we can test?
I see it under Account → Services in Android v2.36.0 (b94)

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This was shown in live AMA maybe a year ago and the current FAQ is here


Formally know as 'Anything Recognition"

More details here.


It’s my understanding that for now the open Beta is currently only enabled with Wyze Cam V2 device models.

EDIT: CONFIRMED - ONLY V2’s are currently enabled for this at this time (they are working to add more camera models, but for now, it’s just V2’s), and they need to have Cam Plus on them as well.


When ever I try and setup a smart vision rule I can’t see any of my wyze devices. Is this a known issue ?


Tried setting up light on/off but shows no cams available despite me having over 8 eligible cams with the latest beta.


You and me both at the same time haha. Thinking it’s an issue.


tried lights on/off and same thing. no devices. i have wyze pans v2. wyze cam v2 and 3’s. not sure what’s up. must be an outage. or issue

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I wonder if its not instant when we get added to the smart vision beta. I am having the same issue… I’ll just wait awhile and try again.


Add me to the list for no cameras available.


Unable to see my V3’s either

Moi aussi. And when I follow the link for “I don’t see my camera”, I get to log into the WYZE Help Center (why should I have to log in for help?); and after I log in, I see nothing of any use.

Oh, Wait. Perhaps it’s a firmware issue? After MANY months, only today am I being offered firmware updates on my cameras. I’ll update and see…


If you could turn off asking for supplemental terms everytime it would be great. Also, I too do not own any v2 cameras so I dont see any devices in my list to play with :tired_face:.

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Wired V2s are the only available cams right now (NOT pans either).

Make sure you have the latest beta firmware, and have the beta app installed.

Only one “project” can exist for each cam (as of now)


no cams show up either. All my cams are at latest firmware and I’m on Android. Thank you.

Also when you click the… “Click here if you don’t see cams” it brings me to a generic help page with no help for that problem :slight_smile:

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If this is the case I have no cams that work. Why would this not be available for the v3 ? That makes no sense.

Got the wyze v2 and beta firmware +app still no devices to select


No cams showing up when trying to setup any “Skill”

Google Pixel 7 Pro
Android 13
Wyze App Beta

Wyze Cam v2 - RTSP firmware