Smart TV - COVID-19 delivery & Cam Pan but requires cloud accounts. So maybe not

I have Amazon Dot, Fire TV stick, HD 10 tablet,
Google Pixel 3a, Odroid N2 (Ubuntu),
HiSense Smart Android (Chrome Cast, Assistant) ,
NVidia Shield with Google Play,

Only way to use Wyze Cam Pan is with the Pixel 3a (Android 11) ?
Can’t see anywhere like ZModo

I have old Panasonic BL-C10 (hardwire eth0) that has built in web browser and API.

I have used it for a decade but new Wyze seemed better until I started using it the same way as BL-C10.
I may go back to that brand as it is keeping up with trends and remaining current.

You can sideload the Wyze app onto any of your Android devices (including the HD 10 tablet). You may have to try a few different versions. TinyCam also works well for this. PCs and browsers are out unless you are willing to try Android emulation.

Ok, for me because I know hacks to sideload if I can find multiple APK’s to test.
The webpage access seems more useful and can just be added to Wyze account access when using browser.
Then I can see and download time stamped image when I get a delivery.
I added the idea to wishlist topic.