Shortcut history

It’s about time! I was about ready to return my cams give a poor review and buy Nest cams. A bug this major effecting so many users especially after firmware updates is unacceptable. Better debugging needs to done during firmeware production and this issue isn’t new so it should have been a check point consideration during the last firmware rollout as possibility of coming back to annoy users. It makes the feature as a whole seem unreliable.

What is the status of the update push to fix this issue, I’ve had it going on now for over a month. Not being able to rely on my cams task history to know they are being turned on and off at set times is unnerving and makes the product unreliable as a whole. It’s been two weeks now and my short cut data logs are still missing many days or weeks of task logs and no new logs (as of today) aren’t being logged into history either. I’ve reported this to 4 Wyze support staff since May 1st and all I get is the run around and days without a response or to be told to be patient. This is really not giving my confidence in your product much less your customer service. Any why does this almost always happen when we perform a firmware update, if you check this topic in the forums,.I had this problem last January like many others. Why isn’t this issue taken in to consideration when debugging firmware when it is in production stages to avoid this recurring problem. This make me want to return all my cameras for a full refund, not recommend your product to others and leave a review on google and yelp about this how this issue is being handled.

May 21 was the last entry in my shortcut history. Apparently there has been a lot of activity on this issue but no results from Wyze yet. It appears to me that customer service is just overloaded. Not good.